A-Z Harmful Chemicals In Neutrogena Sunscreen – Be Aware!

The beauty care industry has a huge market and billion going around on it. Despite the fact that there are Good Chemicals In Skin Care Products. There is nothing fully natural about them, even if the claims said to take natural essence from nature.

It’s no secret that vitamin D from the sun gives some healthy results. One of the popular skin care product is sunscreens to get necessary vitamin D and avoiding overexposure and any other skin issues. Which is another claim that promotes health in the various brand?

In fact, there are Banned Chemicals In Sunscreens that people need to be aware of. It is not a matter of recognizing a certain brand of sunscreen that is bad, but more about the bad chemicals that make these brand a bad screen care product.

One of them is the well debateable brand that has a wide range of sunscreen product that many expert suspects of various chemicals toxicity and false claims, Neutrogena.

As it said as the “#1 dermatologist recommended brand for sunscreen, and yet almost all four their products come in various red flags for worst chemicals in their content.

  1. Oxybenzone

The filter from this substance relates to hormone-disrupting issues. Oxybenzone is a kind of ketones in various beauty products such as hair sprays, cosmetics and also nail polishes. Moreover, with the Chemicals In Cosmetic of a broad-spectrum UVB and UVA protector, it interferes with the hormone system.

Furthermore, it also acts similar to estrogen and alters production of sperm and various fertility problems.

  1. Methylisothiazolinone

This chemical is the second concerning substance in sunscreen. In cosmetic products, it acts an anti-microbes which suspected to link with skin irritation conditions that also related to brain damage. In the long term usage, it can seriously damage the human brain function.

  1. SPF 70

Most skincare will claim to have SPF 30 and anything above 50 is banned. The claims make it even harder to believe the content of the sunscreen. Whereas, SPF 70 is banned in most countries in the US and Europe.

  1. Retinol

The substance promise to give a soothing reaction to the skin and avoid any sign of aging. The however it contrasts if it is inside sunscreen ingredient. Sunscreen initially let the skin exposed to sunlight on purpose. Therefore, some effect may happen due to constant sun exposure.

Patient experience nails issues, hair loss problems, acute liver damage, osteoporosis, and also fractures of the bone. It is also in the List Of Harmful Chemicals To Pregnancy that urged the pregnant or breastfeeding woman to avoid using skin care product that can support birth defects to the unborn babies.

  1. Retinyl Palmitate

A safe vitamin A source but suspected to create skin damage. In the long term use, it can the occurrence of skin cancer and tumors in a massive application. You can find this substance in the List Chemicals In Shampoo and sunscreen and both pose the same treads.

Sunscreen is not the typical body care, it is more to health enhancement rather that beautifying aspects. Therefore, the advantage of this product that guards your skin, it actually does worse rather than good. It seems like not a big deal but actually, it is. The sooner people realize this fact, the better.