Dangerous Chemicals You Can Make At Home but Be Careful

A chemical reaction happens in everyday life even the dangerous ones that you can make at home. The fascinating chemical substance that reacts with other chemicals can be a great lesson also a great danger.

Some of Household Chemicals That Go Boom and some can be easily turned into toxic Household Chemicals Used To Make Drugs. Here are some compounds that you can find home which turn s into dangerous chemicals substance.

  1. Environmentally Hazardous

There are Cool Experiments To Do At Home With Household Items which are a lot of fun. There are many household chemicals that can easily make an art show or decorative items out of Chemicals substance.

However, most of them can go down the drain and pollute the environment. There dangerous chemicals for the surrounding area cannot be recycled, reuse and contaminate the air, soil, and water.

  • Selfmade Slime, you put together come chemicals and make a soft dough that you can form into anything. However, the substance becomes dangerous when you accidentally eat it and it can not go down the drain without contaminating the environment.
  • Elephant Toothpaste, You make a fluffy foam make out of toothpaste that mix hydrogen peroxide and sodium iodine. it is a common kids experiment that can actually produce toxic heat and gas.

2. Dangerous To Human Health

There are many chemicals that you can make at home, which are dangerous to human and also a pet’s health. There is a long list of Household Chemicals Harmful For Dogs, cat, and many other animals. Moreover, people need to educate themselves and understand What Household Chemicals Can Kill You.

  • Ammonia. Inhaling this substance that you use for cleaning agent can kill or make severe health conditions. In some suicidal attempt, people often died due to drinking and cleaning agents.
  • Carbon Monoxides. You turn your car engine in a closed area. Inhaling it can make you passed out and killed you. The same thing goes with kitchen gas.

3. Create Explosive

Mixing two chemicals at home you can end up with some explosive chemicals. This can happen because there are some Chemicals Combination We Should Never Mix.

  • When potassium chemicals get in contact with water. There is no telling what it can do. The metal substance will set on fire and ignites some sparks. The explosion can reach up to 20 m radius. Never mix potassium with water.
  • Batteries. When you need to replace the remote control with batteries. Make sure that you use two types of batteries from the same brand. If you fail to do so, that there is a change you can start and explosive.
  • Soda Can. A simple shake your soda can move can make the chemicals inside the can to make a great Soda bomb after shaking it for a while.
  • Aerosol. Leaving items with a high aerosol substance such as rain and extreme heat. It can damage the environment. That is why never leave any products lying around in the house.

Chemicals in our house can make our life simpler and so much better. However. things will be different if not understanding the right measurement and human resource.