How Many Toxic Chemicals Are Banned In the United States?

Each country has their own set of regulations in regulating the utilization of chemicals within their country. United States with their Toxic Substances Control Act (TCSA) has revealed The list of banned and restricted chemical, just like P.R.C with their List of Toxic Chemicals Banned or Severely Restricted in the P.R.C. In the TCSA, there are list of any chemicals circulating within United States either from export or manufactured domestically.

In FDA and EPA rules as the ones regulating chemicals use, research is needed before ban or restriction issued. Therefore, the list may expand as more researches are conducted. How many toxic chemicals are banned in the United States? Here is the list of banned chemicals in United States.

  1. Arsenic (III) Oxide

Arsenic Oxide is among the most toxic chemicals proven to be highly hazardous to humans. When reacted to acid, it will form arsine that can cause various health problems. Also exposure to divided zinc will create explosive reaction. The chemical is banned because it can cause blurred vision, severe burns, spasm, eyes & skin irritation, cancer, and death. Make sure not to use any products containing this chemical.

  1. Chloromethoxypropylmercuric Acetate

Chloromethoxypropylmercuric acetate is a chemical compound resulted from chlorine and mercury combination. As mercury itself is deemed dangerous, this combination is lethal to human’s health. It is known to be a chemical with developmental toxicity.

Constant exposure to it can cause birth defects, low birth weight and premature birth, behavioral problems, and psychological problem such as early anxiety and ADHD to death. It can reach to body through inhalation, indigestion, and skin contact. Because it is highly hazardous, chloromethoxypropylmercuric acetate is banned.

  1. Chlorobenzilate

Rated 4 out of 5 in term of hazard, chlorobenzilate is highly toxic. Listed as 510-15-6 in CAS number, chlorobenzilate is banned because of its hazardous effect to human’s health. A study found it to be a carcinogen that can trigger growth of malignant cell.

Even worse, almost all vital internal organs such as liver, kidney to cardiovascular system are in risk to be toxicated and experience dysfunction when chlorobenzilate enters body. Often used as pesticide with other list of banned agricultural chemicals, chlorobenzilate is no longer permitted for use.

  1. Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB)

Formerly used as plasticizer, hydraulics and in electric products, polychlorinated biphenyl is banned after study found it to be dangerous to environment and entire organism. The chemical is persistent, hard to degrade and can accumulate within the body.

Contamination in environment can lead to depopulation of water species If bioaccumulation occurs, toxin stored inside will cause many health problems and can lead to death. Study also found PCB to be carcinogenic to animals (and possibly to human).

  1. Heptachlor

Heptachlor was an active insecticide until a case of accumulation was found and heptachlor is then deemed to be one of the worst insoluble environment pollutants. The chemical is carcinogenic in which constant exposure to it can cause cancer. It is also one of the development intoxicants that can affect pregnancy, resulting in premature birth and physical to psychological defect.

It can cause a widespread damage that after the effects are found out, almost all states ban this chemical. Any illegal use of heptachlor will receive serious penalty. Heptachlor is also banned in other countries as listed in list of banned chemicals in Malaysia

  1. Vinyl Chloride

Vinyl chloride is a proven toxin that was once used in impregnation industry, pulp and paper, to fibrous material industry. The chemical compound is a wide range toxin that is carcinogen, hazardous to pregnancy, pollutant to environment, and can cause nerve disfigure. The amount of damage it can cause when compound is commercialized.

Exposure to vinyl chloride to industrial workers had turned up to surface. Workers are found to get skin rashes, headache, and lung cancer. Because of this very danger, people should be more aware of its use.

  1. Nitrofen

How many toxic chemicals are banned in the United States? Another chemical that was once used widely as pesticide is Nitrofen. Nitrofen is a compound belongs to diphenyl ether. Nitrofen has been banned in United States since 1996 because the chemical is recognized to be a carcinogen.

Study also suspects this chemical to be highly toxic in which its affect of toxicity can cause developmental problem, discharge of nerve, and harmful to gastrointestinal and cardiovascular. Nitrofen can also cause bioaccumulation as herbivores are found to have this stored in their system after consuming plants exposed to nitrofen

  1. Triclosan

FDA has recently banned triclosan. Triclosan is an organic compound widely used as soap ingredient and other products such as toothpaste, and anti-acne cosmetic along with other harmful chemicals in toothpaste. It is believed to be an effective anti-bacteria and anti-fungi until.

However, this chemical is suspected to be the cause of dropping thyroid system causing disrupted hormone, ineffectiveness of anti-biotic that can lower immune system, and skin cancer. The ban is currently only for consumer product while ongoing research is still trying to gather more proof about triclosan’s danger. 

  1. Daminozide

Daminozide is one of the chemical used in agricultural industry to help plants grow and ripe faster. Appearing in white crystal, daminozide was often used to ripe apple. However, manufacturer begins to diminish its use until it is competely swept off after EPA issued ban to this chemical.

The chemical is a probable carcinogen in which exposure to it, even in the dosage that was once believed to be safe, caused accumulation within one’s body and trigger health issue. The chemical is also carcinogenic to animals.

  1. Safrole

Safrole was used in agricultural industry as pest control and food additive in root beer. Extracted from natural process of sassafras compound does not guuarantee that safrole is safe. A study found safrole to be hepatocarcinogen in which it can trigger liver cancer to animals.

FDA has issued the ban as there is a probable chance that safrole is also carcinogenic to human. (Related to: 13 Harmful List Of Banned Food Additives In Many Countries)

Other toxic chemicals banned in United States

How many toxic chemicals are banned in the United States? Here is more list to avoid:

  1. Carbofuron
  2. Cadmium Compound
  3. Bromoxynil Butyrate
  4. Azodrin
  5. Aldrin
  6. DDT
  7. Leptophos
  8. Mercury
  9. Hexanedol
  10. Methyl Parathion

Most of the chemicals are probable carcinogen in which cancer can occurs within one’s body. Thus, it is important to always check the label of the products in case they contain toxic chemicals. Also check to doctor if any health problem arises and look up to  international list of banned chemicals. Indeed there are 20 and more banned toxic chemicals in United States to be aware of.