Largest Uranium Producing Countries in The World

The general knowledge about uranium is never a good thing. It is related to nuclear bomb or power plant. There are good and bad uses of uranium in our daily life. Whether it is for industrial or mass production. Uranium is a substance that involves in many human activities.

After the recent incident the nuclear reaction in Fukushima, Japan that meltdown and cause great danger to the surroundings. The event causes many reactors closing down and the usage of uranium decline rapidly. 

However, the fact that the demand for Uranium is high still remains. The countries that produce them also continued pushing the chemical element for various usages. From nuclear weapons to Industrial needs. Here is the long list of the largest Uranium producing countries in the world.

1. Kazakhstan

This is the top number one leading producer of uranium. The chemicals used in nuclear weapons is produced at a steady pace in this country from 2009 to 2015. With the help of 23,800 tonnes in 2015, making Kazakhstan is the largest uranium producing country in the world.

The average product holds an average of 12 per cent or the world resource when it comes to uranium. The nation also has many mining plants in the progress. Moreover every year their production number keep raising by the years.

2. Canada

There is some uranium mining area in Canada. For quite sometimes, the largest uranium production was in Canada. It has a total of 22 percent productivity from the world’s production of Uranium.

It falls slightly to the second place as Kazakhstan replaced Canada in the first place, after some mine close for operation. In 2015 alone, Canada estimated 13,325 tonnes of Uranium. Mostly the number is gradually increasing with The Cigar Lake mine and the McArthur River mine coming in full production.

3. Australia

There is a list banned chemicals Australia for some restricted substance. Uranium is no surprise is one of them. Even though, Australia holds the largest uranium supply in the world. The mining activities receive restriction.

Yet, Australia still manages to produce about 5,672 tonnes in 2015 which is a large sum of quantities compared to other countries. Australia took their time in managing Uranium. From shutting down the mine to making strict regulations.

4. Niger

This country which located in the African continent is another country that has many Uranium supplies. The Niger produced moreover 4,000 tonnes of uranium in 2015. It already holds the record of the largest African country with Uranium.

Niger produces a consistent small amount of uranium yearly. Every year there is a slight increase but nothing significant. This may change in the future with the plan of making new mines in several places in the country. 

5. Russia

The largest area geographically in the world also hold some uranium. As one of the substances in the list of chemicals on the periodical table, Uranium is increased for import in this country. In 2015, 3,055 tonnes of uranium in Russia alone. This rank put Russia in fifth place of the world largest country that produces Uranium. 

6. Namibia

Uranium is also a great source of electricity. Namibia’s uranium production mostly goes to the national need for electricity usage. Therefore, the export number continues to drop, year after year. Although the number fluctuates from 3.000 to 4.000 tonnes. Namibia mines are more than capable to produce more.

7. Uzbekistan

Supply and demand come for a full circle when it comes to the chemical substance. Uzbekistan make deals with Japan and China on Uranium Development and Industry. So, no doubt there will be some increase due to that good news.

8. China

Uranium in China is mostly for fuels substance. The China government is building more than 26 nuclear reactors that will decently impact its export number. The mining activities will also show remarkable effects. 

9. United States

Although, it is not a dominating number, the United States produces a stable average of 1,256 tonnes yearly. There are only several companies that explore for uranium in the United States usage and productions. Yet, the number is promising which makes it double the amount they have today.

10. Ukraine

The last country in the list of largest countries that produce uranium produce just about 1.000 tonnes in 2015. There are about 10 mines that actively producing uranium. Therefore, the country can increase production faster than predicted.

Uranium that has chemical properties of oxidizing agent of the world comes from many countries. Particularly the top ten largest uranium production comes from the 10 countries above. It continues to cater to various uranium needs. Uranium can be a dangerous weapon if it is in the wrong hands.