Uranium Recovery Process in Japan (Facts You Need Know)

Japan has always been linked to earthquake and tsunami. These two natural disasters is a common sight in Japan. Yes, when it hit the Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima. Things turn for the worse. The Nuclear plant has a meltdown and causes many lost. This goes to all the nuclear power plant in all over Japan.

Many are shut down and Japan went into a dilemma. Take for example uranium. This component which is one of the Chemicals used In Nuclear Weapons, is a great resource for so many things even as nuclear fuel. That is when Japan starts showing a positive attitude to chemicals substance to create something great again. 

The Japan Transition On Uranium Usage

The country that is well known for its advanced technology does not let the past haunt them. The uranium usage for war purpose may seem dangerous. But, there is more benefit from the chemicals than the harm. Even if it is a risky chemical to handle. The Industrial advantages of this chemical are too going to miss out. Here are some of the Japan progressive movement in the uranium recovery process.


Japan doesn’t produce uranium and has to import them. There are many Good and Bad Uses of Uranium and even it has shown a bad impact on the environment and people. The usage of uranium is a lot more than the negatives. So, Japan is starting to Import uranium and use them for various purposes.  

2. Industrial cooperation

Inside Japan there maybe still disagreement on using nuclear substance at all. The impact of crisis-hit Japan in various sectors. On that can save the countries uranium stocks and its popularity is the cooperation demand. Other countries love doing business with Japan. Either because of their diligent work ethic or the companies qualities. Slowly Japan manages to use uranium as an Industrial material to go abroad. 

3. Nuclear Fuel

Uranium is one of the components that people make Nuclear fuels. However, with the recent Fukushima meltdown, the popularity of this substance decreases rapidly. Yet, people are still in a dilemma about uranium as fuel. However, the big picture is they will have to go back to fossil fuels. Which in some cases are not very affordable to some. 

So of course. There is some Radioactive Chemical list that people are familiar with. The soil and water still highly influence the Plant meltdown effect. As a great source of fuel, particularly uranium, Japan view gradually show a great recovery. Other Power Plants shows stable growth and opens many collaborations and joint venture effort with foreign countries. 

4. Plantation Usage

There are many uranium refining and plants, that use uranium to perform the facilities. When The Fukushima Plant creates a nationwide fear of nuclear reaction, particularly from Nuclear Plants with bad management and guidance, the majority of Japanese are angry. They are strongly afraid of what uranium as part of nuclear reaction can do.  

5. Fuel fabrication

Japan began to operate fuel fabrication that uses uranium. Some companies construct fuel fabrication to supply Japanese demand for uranium for water reactors, boiling water reactors and gas-cooled reactors. So, it does not only effective for nuclear reactors but also other more environmentally friendly plants.

6. Government 

Even the government shows a positive review of uranium usage. Uranium is in the list of prohibited And Restricted List From Japan the Japan authorities begin to do a full review of it. All criteria include economic and other aspects. The review also highlights disposal fuel, including reprocessed and recycled fuels.

Japan and its uranium demand significantly drop. From the earthquake in 2011 that resulted in nuclear problems that also affect other nuclear plants in Japan. Recent years, the popularity of most of its chemical, such as uranium is recovering. The country begins again to import and use the substance not only for nuclear ambassador but more to get back its original function.