What Is The Chemical Composition of Urine in Human?

Human urine is produced by kidney, it’s the waste of your body from bloodstream. Meanwhile, urine variables come from some primary substances. Them you may be asking about what hat is the chemical composition of urine in human? Check this one out!

Compounds and Ions in Human Urine

  • Water (91%-96%)
  • Its chemical formula is H2O.
  • Note: If you lack of water, you will die.
  • Urea
  • Its chemical formula is CO(NH2)2 or H2NCONH2
  • Creatinine

If this creatinine level is too high in your body, you will die.

  • uric acid

Its chemical formula is C5H4N4O3.

  • trace amounts of enzymes

If you lack of trace amounts of enzymes, you will not be healthy, even you can die. Enzymes: enzyme can be found in a food called tempeh.

  • carbohydrates

If you lack of carbohydrates, you will not be healthy. The amount of this compounds is high if you eat foods with high carbohydrates. For example: rice.

  • Hormones

If you lack of serotonin, you will not be able to relax. Too high dopamine will cause stressful condition. Dopamine usually is in the front brain. Serotonin is in the middle brain.

  • fatty acids

I you lack of fatty acids, you will not be healthy.

  • Pigments

It makes the urine looks yellow. Nevertheless, if you lack of water very much, the urine is going to look red. (Note: It signs that your health is really in danger. You can lose a kidney or two. If nobody wants to donate a kidney for you, that would be a big problem.

  • Mucins

Mucins are the barriers to infection.

  • sodium (Na+)

This is the soulmate of chloride (Cl). And then, they create children. All of their names are Salt. These words are not joke. Also read about Sodium Uses in Human Body

  • potassium (K+)
  • chloride (Cl-)
  • magnesium (Mg2+)

If you lack of magnesium, you will not be healthy. 

  • calcium (Ca2+)

If you lack of calcium, you will suffer bone mass losing early. Also read about Calcium Properties and Uses in Everyday Life

  • ammonium (NH+4, sulfates (SO2-4)

This is what makes the smell of urine bad.

  • phosphates

Conclusion 1: If you are lack of the above compounds, but are not able to find them everywhere, you must drink your own urine, but do not wait too long. Drink it immediately after it is out from your body. If you wait too long, it will be poisonous and the smell will be foul too.

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Benefits of Urine for Human Health

There are some benefits of urine for human health. First, urine can be the indicator of your dehydration level and conditions. Some research says that when you urinate, you are encouraged to see the condition of your own urine. If you have a urine condition that is clear and white, then it means you have a good metabolism, and not dehydrated. However, if you have the color of urine that is concentrated, then it is an indicator that you are dehydrated and also lack of fluid.

In addition, apart as the indicator of the condition of dehydration and also the metabolism of the body, sometimes urine can also be an indicator of individual health conditions. Some health conditions, such as diseases can appear in your urine, such as bloody urine, indicate that there is a wound or infection in your lining, so it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

Well, know you know about what is the chemical composition of urine in human. It maybe the things you never care about, but urine can be one of disease detectors too.