5 Iron Uses in Plants for Growth and Fertilizer

Iron is a chemical element with atomic number 26. It has Fe as its symbol on the periodic table. Iron is one of the most abundant element on Earth and in the human body. This chemical element is known for its great advantages to the human body and industrial purposes. Iron’s chemical symbol, Fe, is […]

17 List of Organic Chemicals – General Structures – Functions

Organic chemistry is one of the fields of chemistry that studies about the structure, properties, and composition of a compound. Organic chemistry is also often referred as carbonyl chemistry, because the elements that are studied in organic chemistry are elements containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, usually with the addition of nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus. Each organic […]

23 Sodium Chloride Uses – Interactions – Side Effects

You might be familiar with sodium chloride more than any other chemical substance. It is used in our everyday life. From the delicious pizza we order when we’re too lazy cooking dinner, all the way to the fancy menu in fancy restaurants. They are all filled with this particular chemical substance, making the taste of […]

Stereochemistry of Organic Chemistry – Defination – Types – Applications

Stereochemistry is the Branches of Organic Chemistry. Meanwhile, stereochemistry is the composition of space that is formed by atoms and functional group in the main molecules. These molecules are the organic molecules in three dimensions object which are the result of hybridization and geometrical bond from atoms in molecule. Based on that definition, stereochemistry also […]