10 Harmful Effects of Household Chemicals on Plant Growth

Household chemical is the type of chemical that simplifies house general activity. This activity excludes any food-related chemicals like food additives and coloring. The most common household chemicals used exist in list of harmful chemicals in toiletries, laundry stuff, and insect repellent. They usually contain a smaller percentage of active agent but still can cause […]

40 List of Chemicals Derived from Plants – Herbal Drugs

We all know before human can synthesize chemical, nature provide all chemical that we need, and from several sources indicate that nature chemical is still better than the one made in laboratory. We can all argue about that but the thing is that we know nature have a distinctive role in chemistry development. One of […]

50 Useful Chemicals Found in Fruits and Vegetables

“Mommy, I don’t like these greens!” “You still have to eat it, dear. It’s good for your health.” Well, that short conversation might sound too cliché for most of you. But did you know? What our mom said to make us eat all the fruits and veggies up isn’t wrong. Because the truth is, those […]

5 Iron Uses in Plants for Growth and Fertilizer

Iron is a chemical element with atomic number 26. It has Fe as its symbol on the periodic table. Iron is one of the most abundant element on Earth and in the human body. This chemical element is known for its great advantages to the human body and industrial purposes. Iron’s chemical symbol, Fe, is […]