20 Potassium Uses and Properties in Everyday Life

As one of the alkali metal we could find in the nature, potassium is indeed important. While we might know it as its other name, Kalium, potassium has many benefits and role in the human body. This particular element is very important to be consumed by us in a balance state though, because too much […]

10 Uses of Iron in Human Body – Element and Properties

Our health is one of the most important thing we need to take care of. Without it, almost every other aspects of our lives would be worthless. Have you ever imagine having so much money with no energy to enjoy it all? It will all go to disposal or hospital, with you trying to fix […]

14 Aluminium Uses and Properties in Everyday Life

If you heard the word “aluminium” you probably remember them being said over and over again. This particular chemical substance has the atomic number of 13 and the color of silvery-gray. As the most abundance metal that you could ever find in the earth, you probably realize that aluminium has so many uses in human […]

5 Sodium Nitrate Common Uses – Compound – Dangers

Human life could not be further away going without the help of its chemical substances. We all know that in order to keep on good living, there are many chemicals that we need in our body, as well as our properties. In this articles, we will talk further about this particular chemical substance called Sodium […]

9 Chemicals in Energy Drinks – Compound – Effects

Are you 20-30 years old male who loves to work hard (gym or just work in general)? Then I assume you are no stranger to the concept of energy drinks. These drinks gave us incredible amount of energy and boost us up in the terms of energy, in a very short amount of time. Very […]

12 Dangerous Chemicals in Everyday Products

Are you one of those nut-freak when it comes to the healthiness of your body and your loved ones? You check the degree of toxicity in stuffs you buy because you just don’t wanna risk it. You check several times before you buy something because you’re afraid that the product might not give you and […]

19 Harmful Chemicals in Antibacterial Soap – Compounds – Cautions

Have you ever got yourself get to the shop and picking up one antibacterial soap, thinking you are protecting your family? I know many of us do. I certainly do, in one way or another. I think it is a good way to protect the health of my loved ones. After all, anti bacterial soap […]

18 Fireworks Elements – Compounds – Reactions

Have you ever look at the night sky and find yourself immersed in the beauty of fireworks? It always looks so graceful, with the beautiful color explosion, and those majestic sounds that becoming more and more familiar every time we are going through a new year or any special occasion. We often are willing to […]

10 Sodium Uses in Human Body – Compounds and Deficiency

Sodium is one of chemical element with the atomic number 11. It is a soft and reactive metal. Being in group 1 of the periodic table, sodium is an alkali metal. It is 6th most abundance element in earth and exist in various minerals like sodalite, salt (NaCl), and also feldspar. This element was first […]

6 Sulphur Dioxide Uses – Chemical Formula – Effects

Not every gas in the atmosphere are safe for us human. We all know that. Different kinds of gas could lead to different effects, be it good or bad. There are certain gas that is good for us and environment, such as Oxygen (O2). And there are also another type of gas that is harmful […]