3 Safe Warehousing of Chemicals by Chemical Manufacturers Association

First step we need to understand in safe warehousing of chemicals chemical manufacturers association is managing the associated risks. Some environment around us are extremely sensitive to to certain chemical and left some problems if are not noticing them. Problems are created by these environmental may be exacerbated by topography and soil condition which has speed to spread chemical contamination around us.

Safe warehousing of chemicals chemical manufacturers association has not been subject as qualified dangerous chemical storage assessment which may have no defined storage assessment with no defined storage system or may have an unsuitable system such as an alphabetical storage system. (Calcium Properties and Uses in Everyday Life).

This following list below are non-exhaustive examples of inadequate storage system and practices commonly found in warehouses :

  1. Chemical stored on passage ways including forklift truck routes, with other vehicle routes such as truck access routes to loading bays, pedestrian walkways etc.

  2. Emergency exits delayed by chemical containers.

  3. Absence of a suitable vehicle and pedestrian traffic management plan including defined fork truck routes with right speed limits, etc.

  4. Absence of secondary containment and spill kits.

  5. Cylinders not properly secured against falls.

  6. Inadequate/no training provided for forklift truck drivers.

  7. Warehouse racking not suitably designed or constructed to withstand the anticipated loading of chemical containers placed on it.

  8. Where it’s applicable, the absence of a suitable area for the transfers of chemicals from a large to smaller packaging example for production or laboratory use, batch kitting.

  9. Chemicals stored on damaged or inadequately secured racking or on damaged pallets.

  10. Chemicals stored by lower chosen categories, such as all acids (inorganic and organic, strong oxidizers) together, all organics stored together.

(Health and Safety Authority, 2102)

We need to understand if this chemical release to nature or ground water and it will make bigger environment pollution than release into surrounding soil. (7 Internationally List of Banned Toxic Chemicals to Avoid). It is happened because this chemical contamination can greatly affect for animal life that drink water, plant which need water for their growing and absorption, and also for drinking water supplies.

Different like human body, contaminated soil can be treated as a terrible waste while that are can not be avoided s chemical ware-housing parts. With this part, we need to be considered high risk.

Warehouse should have dedicated as set down areas for incoming chemicals where the chemicals containers can be inspected and associated safety documentation can be retained. (Uses of Alkaline Metal Earth in Daily Life) Racking system are required to be designed and constructed by competent persons to ensure suitability for anticipated maximum loading which they will subjected to and should be inspected at appropriate intervals. 

Below this are safety chemical which is designed as evaluation system for specific federal regulations concerning about safe warehousing of chemicals by Chemical Manufacturers Association:

  1. Containment

Containment materials is required for protection of environment from contamination and protection of employees who work in areas where hazardous materials are stored and used.

Code(s) DOT 49 CFR 173.3 :

Package of this materials which is damaged or found materials that have been spilled or leaked may be placed in a metal removable head salvage drum that is compatible with the lading and shipped for repackaging or disposal under the following conditions.  The drum utilized may be either a dot specification or a non dot specification drum as long as drum has equal or greater structural integrity than a package that is authorized for the respective material in this sub-chapter. For maximum is not more than 110 galoons.

Code(s) EPA 40 CFR 264.175 :

Container storage areas must have a containment system that is design and have capacity contain 10% of the volume of containers or the volume of the largest container, whichever is greater than before. 

  1. Liquid Handling Products

Liquid handling products is subject to both safety and health regulations requiring protection for employees who work with flammable, combustible and also explosive liquids. Due long production of manual bottle top and automatic dosing system, products made for liquid most laboratory applications and a number of chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing uses as well.

Code(s) uniform fire code – division IV

Safety can mention for an approved container if not more than 5 gallons capacity, having a spring-closing lid and spout cover and designed that will safely relieve internal pressure when subjected to fire exposure.

  1. Galvanized Steel / Galvanized Containers

Galvanized steel is steel which has been coated in layer of zinc to prevent using.  This chemical materials can be used for growing plants when purity is not critical. It’s a good and safe way to do container gardening. But we need to consider that some chemicals may adversely affect paint. When we want to plant in galvanized pots, make sure you have adequate drainage first. Make a drill a few holes in the bottom and prop it up so that it rests level on a piece of wood. With this, water can easily drain away.

As we know it, galvanized steel have health hazard associated with zinc and make some people worried about planting vegetables in it. But danger of growing vegetables is very low even zinc can be toxic if consumed or breathed

  1. Polythene

Safe polythene can be used for people as polythene bags as many as possible before polythene bag are taken for recycle. Warehouse industries should be encourage to do recycle the polythene bags. In Uganda, polythene are frequently used as packing materials which they call it as “kaveera”. (List of the Categories of Essential Biochemical Compounds).

Polythene bags can be defined as non-biodegradable substance as packing materials. Even they are non-biodegradable, this materials can act as breeding places for many of the disease germs which sooner than later cause an epidemic in the surrounding people. Some of this materials have been used with number of ignorant or careless people as mobile toilets considering their light nature. Last, this chemical have a function for storing acids / caustics and other corrosive chemicals.

  1. Stainless Steel

Many warehouse appliance using stainless steel materials. But many people didn’t realize how involved all process for maintaining stainless steel can be. (7 Harmful Cleaning Chemicals To Avoid During Pregnancy) These stainless steel warehouse has lot of time to experiment with different ways to clean and it has series some features models with some capacities ranging from 3 kg to 3t in 45 different platform sizes.

Warehouse associate can use it when chemical purity is critical for our environment, people, animal and plant that get affect from it. Meanwhile, hope the information about safe warehousing of chemicals by Chemical Manufacturers Association is useful for our safety.