Side Effects of Inhaling Methanol – The Harmful Substances

There is a real danger when you inhaling methanol or other chemicals substance. You are exposing yourself with direct contact to these chemical. Even the safest chemical can be dangerous in direct contact, that is Why Should Chemicals never Be Smelt By putting The Container To Your Nose. There are safety mask, gloves and even bodysuits in handling chemicals substances.

Methanol or better known as wood alcohol poses apart as an alternative fuel for motor vehicles. However, methanol is also listed as a possible “clean alternative fuel.” that potentially reduce levels of several regulated air pollutants, such as ozone, and carbon monoxide.

In the other hand, it also increases levels of other pollutants which is methanol and formaldehyde. Policymakers need to take consideration what’s behind the reason from a question of  Why Should You be Concerned With The Chemicals Emitted By Fuels.

Methanol can be a greener fuel option but also no better from other fuel choices. It also poses side effects of exposure from low and high of this compound might affect human health and function.

Nervous System

Methanol is clearly hazardous in a high level of exposure, and also affects the human nervous system. as an alternative fuel, commonly the exposure would be from inhaling during vehicle emissions, refueling, or fuels spills.

  • The early sign includes feeling nausea, having a hard time breathing, photophobia, and also decreased visual acuity. The proper treatment included correction of acidosis, giving leucovorin, inducing folic acid, ethanol infusions, and also other supportive care.
  • Hemodialysis can measure blood methanol levels, and also blood formic acid levels. Clinicians and hospitals should be aware of the significant blood methanol and formic acid levels development also can occur after inhalation of methanol.
  • The usage methanol should be avoided, as it is very deadly when swallowed, or even inhaled. Human ingestion can experience injury in the nervous system for even a small amount of this substance. It can eventually cause irreversible injury in the nervous system.


CNS injury happens after exposure to Methanol which earlier symptoms show several experiences of poisoning, optic nerve damages, and also Central Nervous System or CNS. Moreover, the condition will happen very quickly, with even the tendency of being too late for any medical treatment.

Some of the symptoms include degreasing skin condition, dermatitis issues, headache, nausea, weakness, drowsiness, breathing difficulties, eye irritation, blurred vision, loss of consciousness, and also possibly death. That is the main reason Why Should An Individual Working With Chemicals Understand The Hazard.  


The high formate buildup in the body after excessive inhaling methanol can cause severe toxicity and even lead to death. Therefore, methanol is regarded as the main source of methanol poisoning.

The same side effects are also visible for primates and humans. it highlight the capability of animals with a poor metabolize to process this this product fatal toxicity. Moreover, the metabolic acidosis and neuronal toxicity readily crosses with blood brain barrier that lead for severe poisoning. It is among the most dangerous substance in the world. and literally Harmful Chemicals That Can Kill You. 

Methanol or better known as wood alcohol poses apart as an alternative fuel for motor vehicles. However, methanol is also listed as a possible “clean alternative fuel.” that potentially reduce levels of several regulated air pollutants, such as ozone, and carbon monoxide.

Urination Issues

The substance is readily absorbed by various routes and distributed to all the body. It passes the lungs and kidneys well. Therefore,  if you eliminate methanol as formic acid it can probably occur primarily via urinary excretion. moreover,  The concentration of methanol in the urine sample may be 20-30% higher than what you have in the blood. 

Narcotic effect

This substance has an addictive result that was followed by a various asymptomatic period that creates nausea feelings, vomiting, feeling of dizziness, vertigo, respiratory difficulty, lethargy, abdominal issues. There are chemicals that exist in the List Of Chemicals That Can Get You High. Moreover, the patient will experience pain in several places such as in the extremities, visual disturbances, and also metabolic acidosis.

Eye irritation

After inhaling methanol, people also would experience visual disturbances. The condition varies from annoying spots or cloudiness of vision to complete blindness. The first sign will be eye irritation that later on makes the eyes red. The various sign of irritation describes the huge number of exposure that oftentimes fails to measure.


Methanol toxicity includes the person exposed to this chemical to experience unconsciousness that start with blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, headache and mild skin condition. The simple sings should not be taken lightly. if you are aware that after several minutes inhaling methanol you feel these things. Then you should get immediate medical attention before you lost consciousness or even coma and death.

Methanol side effect after inhaling it pose some severe side effects. Due to its cheap matter, constitute a potent poisonous and another harmful effect to the human body. Moreover, human metabolizes methanol to formate, later on, create alarming condition such as consist of weakness, nausea, headache, vomiting, dizziness, and blurred vision. In more severe cases of inhaling this chemical can result in coma and even death.