Why Should Chemicals Never Be Smelt by Putting The Container to Your Nose

Doing chemical experiments should be fun because we can learn how the chemicals react with other components and see how it goes. But some people forget the danger of this activity. Some people also forget about how dangerous the smell of chemical compounds, people mostly don’t know how the smell is, so they just sucked especially when people do the experiments in the laboratory.

When you are in the laboratory and take a direct wind of chemical compounds, you may get the risk of respiration. Chemical compounds must be smelt by holding the container in front of your face with the proper techniques. Never place the chemical compounds right at your nose.

Here are the following reasons why should chemicals never be smelt by putting the container to your nose:

1. Posing a threat to response breathing of

If someone exposed to smell toxic of chemical compounds, usually it will be caused difficulty of breathing and get irritated, so that a sensitive airway will have repercussions by symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and increasingly may arise shortness of breath.

A person who has not sensitive breathing, will not occur symptom like those which have already mentioned. But when exposure for 5 years or more in a person who has sensitive respiration, an irritant occurs persistently allied to chronicle so that it can be rise to a disorder of breathing or lungs. Please, also check out about Hazardous Chemicals in Dental Office

2. Burning nose and lungs

There are a lot of kinds of gas that difficult to recognize. Gas that we found, usually when we do experiments in a chemical laboratory. Dangerous gas that we breathe accidentally can cause burning nose even lungs. Many types of gases such as ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, hydrochloric acids, silver nitrate, potassium hydroxide, hydrofluoric acid, and many more that we can find in some industries, may suddenly be released during industrial accidents and may severely burn nose and even lungs. Please, also check out about Chemicals Combination We Should Never Mix

Some gases, for example, nitrogen dioxide do not dissolve easily. Therefore, they do not produce early warning signs of exposure, such as irritation of the nose and they are more likely to be inhaled deeply to the lungs, such as gases that can cause inflammation of the small airways (bronchiolitis) or lead to fluid accumulation in the lungs (pulmonary edema). Please, also check out about Explosive Chemicals Examples

3. Chemical Pneumonia

Chemical pneumonia is an unusual type of lung irritation and it usually caused by bacteria or virus. But in some cases, it can cause by sucking the toxic of chemical compounds. In chemical pneumonia, inflammation of lung tissue is from poisons or toxins. Even though only a small percentage of a case of pneumonia is caused by chemical compounds, but it takes seriously when people get this kind of disease. Please, also check out about List of Chemicals That Get You High

From all the reasons why should chemicals never be smelt by putting the container to your nose above we should take more care about safety in everywhere especially laboratories or industries. But when we accidentally sucked into one of those toxic chemical compounds, we should do the treatment, for example, oxygen therapy.

Oxygen is the mainstay of treatment for people who are exposed to gases. If nose burn is severe, a person may need mechanical ventilation. But any person who has breathing problems after breathing problems after inhaling a gas is usually monitored in a hospital and ensure that serious complications.