Why Aren’t You Supposed to Drink Alcohol With Antibiotics – Side Effects May Occur

Antibiotics are one of the most common medications. You will need antibiotics treatment when you get a disease caused by bacteria. When it happens, the doctor will prescribe you with antibiotics and tell you to complete its entire course. This part is very important because completing the whole course of antibiotics is the only way […]

Side Effects of Inhaling Sulfur Hexafluoride – The Big Cautions

Sulfur Hexafluoride is an ultrasound chemical agent in the medical field. The main usage is to improve the quality of an echocardiogram by changing the way ultrasound waves travel in the human heart. You can safely inhale a small amount of this substance than talk normally, and listen as your voice dropped to a very low […]

Side Effects of Inhaling Methanol – The Harmful Substances

There is a real danger when you inhaling methanol or other chemicals substance. You are exposing yourself with direct contact to these chemical. Even the safest chemical can be dangerous in direct contact, that is Why Should Chemicals never Be Smelt By putting The Container To Your Nose. There are safety mask, gloves and even bodysuits in […]

Side Effects of Inhaling Hydrogen Sulphide Gas – The Harmful Substances

The hydrogen sulfide gas has many other names such as dihydrogen sulfide, sulfur hydride, hydrosulfuric acid, hepatic acid, and sulfurated hydrogen. The distinct smell that this chemical has also given it the name such as sewer gas, sour gas, swamp gas, and even stink damp. From the name itself, you can imagine, it is definitely […]

Side Effects of Inhaling Cleaning Chemicals – Dangerous Substance to Be Aware Of

Cleaning chemicals although gives a great shine, it poses a hidden danger especially by inhaling cleaning chemicals. When buying cleaning products, we expect them to do one thing: clean! We use a wide array of soaps, detergents, bleaching agents, softeners, polishes. We use chemicals in daily life for cleaning our bathrooms, glass, drains, and ovens to keep […]

Is Toluidine Blue Harmful – Formula – Health Risks

What is Toluidine blue? Toluidine blue is a basic thiazine metachromatic dye. It has a high affinity for acidic tissue components, as a result it stains tissues that are rich in DNA and RNA. Toluidine blue also referred as several names, like Tolonium chloride or TBO. Toluidine blue is used for histology, forensic examination, renal […]

8 Uses of Avobenzone in Everyday Life and Side Effects

The depletion of ozone layer resulted in increase exposure of ultraviolet ray. As industry growing, the chemical waste it released to the air has destroyed the ozone layer significantly. As a result, it got depleted and what was once an impenetrable shield is getting thinner. Since there are many Harmful Chemicals in the Environment,sunscreen has […]