Why Does Silver Nitrate Stain Human Skin? The Dangers

A human that basically consist of protein can come across any chemicals and get annoying stains, just like when it interacts with silver nitrate. The substance that creates black color any part of the body, ever wonder why? There is Sodium Nitrate Common Use in daily life, but silver nitrate is something else. Do you ever wonder What are […]

10 Sodium Nitrate Uses in Food – Compounds – Health Effects – Cautions

Sodium nitrate is well known as Peruvian salt, is a colorless, odorless, crystalline compound, sometimes referred to as soda niter, nitrate of soda or Chile saltpeter. It is one of Chemical substance which is used as a preservative in some processed meats and color fixative, such as bacon, jerky, luncheon meats, salami, fishes and all […]