7 Chemicals Found in Pesticides – Uses – Types

Pesticide is one of chemical substance that is used for killing pests. We will find pesticide in many industrial products and households. The use of pesticides has become a common practice around the world. Moreover, in many countries, many farmers still use this toxic substance for their agricultural need. They use it to kill pests […]

10 Sodium Nitrate Uses in Food – Compounds – Health Effects – Cautions

Sodium nitrate is well known as Peruvian salt, is a colorless, odorless, crystalline compound, sometimes referred to as soda niter, nitrate of soda or Chile saltpeter. It is one of Chemical substance which is used as a preservative in some processed meats and color fixative, such as bacon, jerky, luncheon meats, salami, fishes and all […]

6 Importance of Chemistry in Environment – Uses and Fields

As we know chemistry has been all around us for centuries ago until now. From the food that we consume, the clothes that we wear, the medicine that we see at hospital, and many more. Chemical has an important role on our life. It is the essential thing although we sometimes ignore its presence but […]