Why Does Silver Nitrate Stain Human Skin? The Dangers

A human that basically consist of protein can come across any chemicals and get annoying stains, just like when it interacts with silver nitrate. The substance that creates black color any part of the body, ever wonder why?

There is Sodium Nitrate Common Use in daily life, but silver nitrate is something else. Do you ever wonder What are Some Examples Of Inorganic Compounds? one of them is silver nitrate with AgNOs forms. It has a diverse precursor to other silver compounds.

This substance is the least expensive salt from silver forms. It contains sufficient light and can dissolves in almost any solvents, including water. It is also an important compound for What Chemicals Needed For Developing Film,  it creates insoluble silver halide for photographic gelatin. Moreover, silver nitrate is also can create silver-based explosives which may be banned in some countries.

There is a reason Why Should An Individual Working With Chemicals Understand The Hazard, and use the necessary safety while handling silver nitrate. It can make a black stain in any part of the body that come in contact with this substance.

The black stain happened due to the fact this compound decomposition of the Ag+ ion in the body and turn it into Ag, later if come in contact with silver nitrate.

Silver nitrate will absorbed by the skin and slowly experience decomposing with the silver ion element and reverting it into silver. The silver particles are so small that they can easily enter the skin surface. It absorbs light and not reflects it.  Some of the effects for humans that come in contact with this substance are :

  1. Stains skin, This element appears black and not silver in a humans body. The most likely part to turned black is the hands. Especially when it is exposed to light, which actually makes it even darker.
  2. Burns Sensations, if the number of silver nitrate it can cause skin irritation besides the stains that it left behind. That is the more reasons Why Should You Not Play With The Chemicals In The Laboratory and always use all the safety equipment.

Keep away and rinse the silver nitrate stains immediately by using plenty of water and kitchen salt or better known as sodium chloride. There are also other chemicals that you can use to remove the stains.

That is the reason for the stain in your hands if it comes in contact with silver nitrate. It is not as the common Household Chemicals To Remove Rust if you have silver nitrate stain, removing may not as easy as you think, Especially, if you didn’t see it from the very beginning. The longer the stains in your hands, the harder to remove it.