What Chemicals That Make You Sad? Here’s on Your Body!

Depression is a serious condition that actually has something to do with chemicals that make you sad. It leads to negativity in someone way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. You just have to know What Chemicals In The Brain Cause Emotions such as happy or sad.

What Chemicals That Make You Sad?

Moreover, these emotions share real chemicals in the brain links with other parts of your body. Therefore, if you are sad sometimes you feel nausea, unwell with a mild of digestive issue. Let’s learn about the various chemicals in your body and what make you sad.

  1. Serotonin

The happy neurotransmitter that helps you feel joy and happiness. If someone has a low of serotonin in their blood, most likely they are under a lot of stress or sadness. 

You can keep this substance high by decreasing serotonin transporter (SERT) activity by taking anti-depression medication such as Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil. This substance also exists in Chemicals In Chocolate That Make You Feel Better. It is another cure of sadness compare to take drugs you can just please yourself with a box of chocolate.  

  1. Dopamine 

This substance can make you feel sad if there is not much of this substance in your body. It acts as a motivation and poses a crucial role as the “reward” system in the brain and the neurons that control feelings related to pleasure.

Moreover, Dopamine motivates people to take more action toward any goals, desires, and needs, and issues. This chemical in the human body is Chemicals To Enhance Brain Function and most of all make you sad if there is less. 

Doctors often give monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A), an enzyme that breaks down key neurotransmitters that makes the body has a low level of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.  So many time neuroscientists link depression with a low level of Dopamine that simply makes the patient less motivated to do any changes. 

  1. Ketamine

A more recent discovery of what chemicals make you sad is Ketamine. This glutamate NMDA receptor antagonist is a form of anesthetic that the FDA approved. Moreover, Ketamine is not only a part of the Stereochemistry Of organic Chemistry but a said trigger to any people blind of their own emotion.

However, although ketamine poses a quick fix solution for many patients with a major depressive disorder who don’t get better with the common antidepressant drugs. 

  1. Norepinephrine

This chemical substance slash hormone as well as response to stress. It is the part of the body that create the “fight-or-flight” feeling. It makes you sad and depresses that release certain hormones in the body. This compound is among the hardest to detect due to its ambiguity effect on human. 

Moreover, Norepinephrine also has a close relation to a high blood pressure issue. The imbalance of this chemical in our body will make the blood vessels constrict and raising the blood pressure. Furthermore, sadness may trigger anxiety and lead to various types of depression.  


GABA (Gamma-AminoButyric Acid) is another neurotransmitter that makes the brain calm and relaxes.  It affects the brain to slows down and/or stops brain activity on an as-needed basis to help us function better. 

When we are sad in a certain situation it acts as a calming activity to release tension before we can be stable again. It is Chemicals In The Brain that plays an important role in GABA production and converts glutamine and glutamic acid into GABA.  

Chronic stress will shunt the body and reduces GABA production. This is the best part to apply lifestyle intervention and supplementation strategies to help to rewire the brain to produce and use this substance effectively again. Sleeping, yoga and taking sugar are the best activities to get you GABA back to normal. 

  1. Opioids

What chemicals that make you sad? When you’re feeling down, opioids increase in the body and make you distress. It makes you sad and also can lead to human health issues that mess with your immune system and potentially increasing any chances of getting sick. Moreover, opioids sometimes trigger an inflammatory protein such as IL-18 that can lead to cardiovascular disease.

To make the Opioids level stable again, there are drugs that people can take based on doctor prescription. However, this drug can have various Unusual Signs Of Overexposure To Hazardous Chemicals Include a numb feeling where the person falls into deep sadness.  Moreover, it also can lead to drug addiction even to a felony if the person uses an illegal drug or make fake prescription to obtain the drug without a doctor consent.

Given the complex and variable nature what chemicals make you sad, outcomes likely with treatments or healing activities and comfort food. That is why people say the food is medicine or “An Apple A Day Keep The Doctor Away”. There are more ways to overcome sadness than simply turn into medicated drugs that certainly has various side effects. Moreover, exciting activities such as playing games or just doing something fun can release serotonin and make you feel happy again.