Household Chemicals Used to Make Drugs – The Dangerous Ingredients

The drug dealer is not the only way to get high. There are everyday household chemicals used to make drugs that have the same toxic high effect on people. There is a long List Of Chemicals That Can Get You High. From the harmless chocolate to the household mixture as the drug substitutes. It all can be easily abused the main purpose of the chemicals in the first place.

However, these chemicals also have the potential of making you high. At the same time as well as giving side effects that can be dangerous to human health. Even though, most drugs at some level do has nothing but doing bad things to your health.

1.Food That Makes You High

Some food has additive effects that become one of the natural ingredients as a homemade drug substance that can make you high.

  • Nutmeg

It has been a long time since nutmeg fells out of use from its original usage to spice food up. If you consume five teaspoons of nutmeg within about a half hour, you are likely to see things. Therefore, this compound can cause hallucination and it also can last for days.

  • Cinnamon

This spice over the kitchen cabinet can also turn into drugs by swallowed one tablespoon of cinnamon that has the same effect as nutmeg, You can experience vision hallucination as well as comfortable feelings.

This substance is in the long List Of Chemical Derived From Plants that can also trigger some unpleasant to serious health issues. You can experience headache, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, stomach issues and diarrhea.

  • Vanilla Extract

The spice cabinet may have this substance lying around in the kitchen counter. This substance is a sweet addition to many food items from breakfast or dessert. A bottle of this substance has some Effects Food Additives Health Environment. Moreover, it has much ethanol that has the same volume as many alcoholic beverages.

There are very high doses of ethanol in these substances that have a similar effect to alcohol. Moreover, because it is misused that it can even have a greater and more diverse danger because there is no telling how great the health risk that it has. Some ethanol poisonous including some vomiting, flushed skin, dilated pupils and also hypotension.

2. Cleaning Agents

It is not hard to imagine that cleaning agents are the best candidate chemicals to make drugs. There is a great number of household ingredients that can easily turn into meth which is a very toxic drug.

  • Nail Polish And Paint. These things have Acetone and Toluene. Both have an effect to make you high. These solvent are both dangerous additive as a cleaning agent. It has even worst effect if it is used as a drugs ingredient and makes people high.
  • Rust Removal. Any corrosive mineral from the hydrochloric acid can have a hallucinatory illusion when it is inhaled.
  • Drain Cleaner. This type of cleaner contains Sodium Hydroxide or Sulfuric acid. -These substances can easily become a meth substance. That is why you need to be careful when dealing with cleaning compounds.

There is a real danger on cleaning chemicals especially when it is accidentally swollen or inhaled. Therefore. Individuals should be careful about using a cleaning substance on a daily basis. 

3. Over The Counter Medicines

Some chemicals that pose as medicine that should make you better can have a different effect if it is not consumed as prescriptions.

  • Hand Sanitizer, it is certainly not a common drug mixture. However, it is quite popular drugs among teens and adolescents. it is extremely easy to get your hands on some of these sanitizers. This substance is among the many Common Chemicals Used Home contains about more than 50 percent of ethanol, which is the same as five shots of hard liquor.
  • Inhalants. This substance can be a powerful drug which also gives some serious health effects such as speech difficulties, euphoria, lightheadedness, motor issues, and brain function problems. There is danger in What Household Chemicals Can Kill You. Any huffing chemicals from snorting the fumes, or after spraying them into a bag. Moreover, a simple sprays of aerosol directly into the nose.

Household chemicals can be beneficiary to some extent but also can be disadvantages for some situations. There are some really severe effect on using household chemicals and turn them into drugs. Therefore, always use chemicals exactly to their purposive usage.