What Would Happen If Someone Drank 8 Oz of Bleach?

First of all, we need to know what the ingredients in bleach are. Bleach is a household item that we can find easily on the supermarket and also at our own house. There should be at least a bottle of bleach in our house. Bleach works as a cleaning and whitening agent, it can be used to clean out basins, floor, or even clothes.

Bleach contains of Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) which is the most active ingredient in bleach. Every bleach product has different amount of Sodium hypochlorite, usually household bleach only contains of 3% to 6% of Sodium hypochlorite, but there are also bleach with higher concentration which is usually used in bigger industries.

Besides Sodium hypochlorite, bleach also contain other chemical ingredients such as Sodium Chloride which do the bleaching and disinfectant, Sodium Carbonate which break down grease stain, Sodium Hydroxide works as fats, oil and acid breaker, and there are still a lot more ingredient in it. You can also check 10 Harmful Chemicals in Bleach – Compound Formula – Effects

What would happen if someone drinks 8oz of bleach?

  • Burning Throat

The first thing that would have happen is burning throat. When someone tries to drink it, it will ruin the whole mouth tissues, which will end up having a lot of mouth ulcer.

Then the bleach will flow down to the stomach through esophagus which is throat. It will also destroy all along the esophagus which can cause burning sensation.

  • Upset Stomach

From the esophagus the bleach will go to the stomach. It will ruin the stomach tissues, because as you know bleach is pretty corrosive because of its main ingredient, which is Sodium hypochlorite.

Most people at this stage more likely to vomit, but actually vomiting the bleach will cause more problems, because it is the same thing as passing it through the esophagus and mouth for the second time.

  • Unconscious

Another thing is, that the odor of bleach itself is also hazardous,especially when it mixed with other chemical that can create a killing gas. Here are the example This Is What Happens When You Mix Ammonia and Bleach; Is It Gonna Explode?

It only needs a short period of time to make someone become dizzy, nausea, and even unconscious before they even realize. When someone has already unconscious and started to create foam out of its mouth, the chance of death could be higher. 

First Aid

That is why when you found someone has symptoms of drinking bleach don’t attempt to make them vomiting it. Call emergency, poison control, or police to help you. This Is What Happens When You Mix Ammonia and Bleach – Is It Gonna Explode?

You can ask them to gulp a big glass of water or milk as a first aid. When people who has drink bleach doesn’t get an immediate help, they will has internal organ failure which could lead anyone to death.

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