Can Drink Bleach Cause Permanent Loss of Voice? The Dangers and Cautions

First of all, we need to know its chemical elements to decide whether it is going to cause permanent loss of voice or not. So, bleach active ingredient is Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) which contain of Sodium atom, Chloride atom, Oxygen atom. Bleach that we usually met is household bleach that contains only 4,2%. Although a […]

How Long Would It Take to Die After Drinking Bleach? The Effects and Cautions

There a lot of factors that determined how long for someone to die after taking bleach. Sometimes there are also people who don’t end up in a funeral. Here are the factors that we are going to discuss. Bleach concentration Usually household bleach only contain 3 to 7 percent of Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), one of […]

What Would Happen If Someone Drank 8 Oz of Bleach?

First of all, we need to know what the ingredients in bleach are. Bleach is a household item that we can find easily on the supermarket and also at our own house. There should be at least a bottle of bleach in our house. Bleach works as a cleaning and whitening agent, it can be […]

This Is What Happens When You Mix Ammonia and Bleach – Is It Gonna Explode?

Everyone must have known or heard about bleach and ammonia. Both are not uncommon chemical substances to begin with. You probably have even used bleach for cleaning stuff in your house. Moreover, chemistry always involves a fun idea of mixing things up and see what it turned out to be. Hence, even a bad combination […]

This Is What Happen When You Mix Bleach And Urine

It is time of the year to do some serious cleaning! Most people know you can go both ways for doing this, using some natural cleaning or chemicals agents. There are some Harmful Cleaning Chemicals that people need to be aware of. Some natural cleaning is great for keeping the environment safe. That is why people are […]

10 Harmful Chemicals in Bleach – Compound Formula – Uses – Effects

Bleach is the popular chemical based product which is used to lighten or remove color, wash clothes and another household things. It can also be used as the disinfectant and stain removers. There’s some types of bleach that you’ll find in the market. To have better understanding about bleach, you should read this helpful article. […]