What Happens When You Mix Calcium Chloride and Sodium Carbonate?

What is calcium chloride about? Calcium chloride is a one of non-organic compounds which stand for CaCl2. It is soluble and white-coloured in room temperature. Calcium chloride has the different name such as calcium dichloride, calcium (II) chloride, and E509. Calcium chloride looks like hygroscopic which has 110,98·mol−1. It has five level of density they […]

Can I Leave Hydrogen Peroxide on My Face Overnight? Is It Gonna Be Harmful?

Hydrogen peroxide is a kind of chemical compounds which has structured as H2O2. This compound is easy and cheap to get. Moreover, it use for antibacterial, bleach, and disinfectant. In additional, hydrogen peroxide solves all of skin problems such as acne, pimples, skin lightening, and so on. So, how to use hydrogen peroxide for the […]

Can Hydrogen Peroxide Lighten Skin? The Uses and Cautions

Do you ever heard about Hydrogen peroxide? If it is yes, what is the benefit of using Hydrogen peroxide? Hydrogen peroxide has so many benefits in health care scope and treating your skin especially in lightens skin. It stands for H2O2 as a one of chemical compounds. Hydrogen peroxide had been identified in 1818 by […]

Why Should You Take B.Sc Course in Chemistry? The Benefits and Career Possibilities

So many students thought that Chemistry is the hardest course for university level. Moreover, choosing the Chemistry course has meant that you are willing to learn about all subjects which are related to Chemistry course. So, is it hard to take the Chemistry course indeed? Honestly, there are some crucial reasons why you should take […]

After Completing B.Sc in Chemistry, Which Courses Will Be the Best For Good Future?

Study is not being something will make you bored. It convinced by some experts who have gotten to reach the highest level of their study. They thought that study has supported their researches and analytical skills. So, how about B.Sc in Chemistry graduated? Do they have ability to do the same thing as the experts […]

What Are the Career Options after Graduating From Chemical Engineering?

Study and career are the best choices to stand existing. However, you have to dive the career life. It is always being valid on whatever major that you choose. So, how about the Chemical Engineering graduated? Does that major make you find the difficulties in order to reach the career options? If the Chemical Engineering […]