Usages of Iodine Compound in Daily Life

You can not live without chemicals, even your body has them. Some chemicals are even vital to your life. Such as iodine which plays an important role in maintaining a certain hormone. So, this compound is one of the major elements and their chemical symbols found in living things. It is essential for both human […]

Which Battery Lasts The Longest In A Flashlight?

The flashlight is one of the appliances we need at our home. It is very useful to provide light during a blackout. It is also very common to use this device when we are going to check on something that requires extra light. To make sure that it can function properly, we just need to […]

What Happens If You Mix Potassium Carbonate And water?

Nothing beat the fun in the chemistry class when you see substance mix together. You get to know chemicals compound that makes up the soap, or the natural ingredient in your kitchen as cleaning agents. Also, there are compounds that are great and very useful but can be dangerous if you accidentally put it together […]

Can Hydrogen Peroxide Lighten Skin? The Uses and Cautions

Do you ever heard about Hydrogen peroxide? If it is yes, what is the benefit of using Hydrogen peroxide? Hydrogen peroxide has so many benefits in health care scope and treating your skin especially in lightens skin. It stands for H2O2 as a one of chemical compounds. Hydrogen peroxide had been identified in 1818 by […]

Why Would A Farmer Use Potassium Nitrate Rather Than Ammonium Nitrate, As A Fertilizer?

In the agricultural area, there is a prominent need for stable and healthy plants growth. It requires nutrients, sunlight, enough water to be able to harvest. There is a List Of Chemicals Allowed In Organic Farming.  That is why fertilizer becomes an inseparable part of planting crops. There are various chemicals naturally needed for plats to […]

Properties and Uses Of Chromium Nickel Steel in Everyday Life

We live by day by day just minding our business. Without our knowing or justifying there are many chemicals substance all around us. Moreover, even our body is made up of chemical substance either organic or inorganic. So when you look at the industrial system and see various chemical substance in and all around. There […]

How Do I Remove Black Stain from Silver Nitrate Easily?

The chemical substance as an important element for developing photographic film, make incisions, dye hair, treat wounds, treats burns and many more. The crystals compound can make blackish stains in your furniture or skin if it is not handled carefully. That is Why Should An Individual Working With Chemicals Understand The Hazard. When operating chemicals, […]

List of Chemicals in McDonald’s Food – Is There Harmful Substances?

Everybody knows any fast food such as McDonald’s food has the worst reputations when it comes to health issues. However, people still eat there, even if they didn’t admit it. The truth is Chemicals In Food can be good and bad. However, when there is almost nothing natural about it, people begin to ask questions. In the […]

16 Uses of Sulfur and Its Compounds in Daily Life

Sulfur is a non-metallic chemical element with symbol S and atomic number 16. It has a bright yellow color and solid appearance at room temperature. Sulfur is one of common element that can be found on every layer of Earth. There lots of chemical compound out there which contain of sulfur, because sulfur can reacts […]

10 Clear Examples of Acids and Bases in Everyday Life

In our everyday life, we will often find or use chemical compounds. Chemical compounds can be divided into 2 based on its pH level. One of them is acids and the other one is bases. Acids characteristics: It can conduct electrical current It has an acidic taste It has a pH level of less than […]