10 Chemicals in Cigarettes that Cause Cancer #Most Harmful Compounds

Smoking has already been a habit that can not be separated from modern society. Pro and contra from cigarettes has been comes up a lot of time. Several fact of the harm effect from consuming cigarettes has been found. Even though many studies has been proven, but there are a lot of people that still […]

5 Types of Cyanide – Formula – Uses – Effects

Now days, health become one of the most distressing problems around the world. People’s health keep decreasing day by day without they realized. A routine like breathing an air or even consuming food that should have given them a lot of merit, in fact it stab them by giving another impact by just harming their […]

14 Common Chemicals Used at Home – Compounds – Functions

Chemical compounds is a chemical formula created by combining two or more chemical elements. Chemical compounds can be found everywhere including in household. Many household product is made or composed by some chemical compounds. Here some chemical compounds that common in household. you may also read: List of Chemicals List of Organic Chemicals Sodium Hypochlorite […]

4 Differences between Reduction and Oxidation – Definition and Examples

In the early 17th century when the scientists started to recognize and begun to research about the chemical reaction, one of the very first theories that drew their attention was this oxidation and reduction theory. The combustion of woods and rusting metal reaction was the one which interested them to take this chemistry to another […]

5 Potassium Sulfate Uses in Daily Life – Formula – Applications – Solubility

As a living creatures we forget the fact that we cannot live without chemical reaction. What we eat, we wear, or even we throw contains some chemical compounds that without we know we ignore it. Or it simply because we do not know exactly what the beneficial of those chemical compounds can be for us. […]