Why Should You Not Play with the Chemicals in the Laboratory

Many chemical reagents have been used in laboratory. There are some risks for not following proper rule, either playing with these materials which will endanger you and other person in the lab. Chemicals are something which you can’t play with. Why? Because they are very dangerous, toxic, explosive, corrosive, inflammable, and even cause skin burning. […]

3 pH Meter Laboratory Functions the Industrial World

what is pH Meter Laboratory? pH meter is used as a tool to determine the acidity and alkalinity of a solution. In addition to the solution, pH meters can also be used on the soil to see if the soil can be used for humans to grow crops, research, even just to know the mineral […]

30 List of Laboratory Chemicals Manufacturers in India

The growing industry requires huge amount of chemicals supply. The chemicals function for varies from additive to edible products or as enhancer as well as maintenance for factory machine. Especially in India that has its industry incredibly grow within the recent ten years, many chemicals manufacturers are founded to supply the chemicals need. They build […]