Can You Mix Chemical If It Says So On The Label?

Many chemicals in the world we know. As beginner in chemical, some chemist try to combine what is the like most. Is that good to try and with that process we understand how safety is that? Before trying chemicals one to another, can you mix chemical if it says so on the label ? Using […]

List of Chemicals with Cibrc Label Claim For Use in Grapes

Who doesn’t like grapes? We all from child to adult like this fruit for good immune. To eat grapes, people usually do make a juice or mix grapes with other fruits to combine and their healthiness. All we know grapes has delicious taste and giving some good impact for our healthiness and need to understand […]

A-Z List of Chemicals Manufacturing Company in Malaysia

Malaysia as we know developed country in South East Asia which has some manufacture company. Some process is needed when each country become bigger each year. More than it, Malaysia has good promotion to increase their gross domestic product (GDP).  Not only get export from neighbor country, but list of chemicals manufacturing company in Malaysia […]