What Happens When You Mix Dark and Light Liquor?

The art of mixing chemicals is seeing the reaction what both compounds can do. There are Chemicals Combination We Should Never Mix because they are too dangerous. Some mixture just give a useless result, others can make you feel nausea and also some mix that can explode. Whether you are mixing cleaning agents, medicines, sometimes combining […]

What Happens When You Mix Xanax And Methadone? Is It Dangerous?

Taking drugs to take away pain or anxiety has become a normal thing in the modern era. Logically, when there are Chemicals Brain Affected Depression, doctors use chemicals also to counteract it. The long process of depression, anxiety and various mental condition differ. Although it has their own name, medical studies and prescribes drugs, nothing is […]

Can You Mix Chemical If It Says So On The Label?

Many chemicals in the world we know. As beginner in chemical, some chemist try to combine what is the like most. Is that good to try and with that process we understand how safety is that? Before trying chemicals one to another, can you mix chemical if it says so on the label ? Using […]