Can You Mix Chemical If It Says So On The Label?

Many chemicals in the world we know. As beginner in chemical, some chemist try to combine what is the like most. Is that good to try and with that process we understand how safety is that?

Before trying chemicals one to another, can you mix chemical if it says so on the label ? Using it to daily life need to be understand that there are also risk we know and how to calculate it. Talking about chemicals is not far for discuss about its safety and security.

For information that’s not only high explosion for that can you mix chemical if it says so on the label which it many tools and equipment mixed in laboratory and important to understand that what is the meaning of can you mix chemical if it says so on the label for daily life and it uses.

We need to consider when we try to mix chemical around us and that are :

  • Reduce hazard and risk when chemist or environment get harmed from the hazard. As we know that environment is important in our life, using dangerous chemicals in daily life will be give bad impact for us just like get ill, natural get poisoned, dust, smoke industrial. If OSHA found hazardous chemical labeling

After we know it, next step is see advantages and start to combine chemical for our life. What advantages we get which can you mix chemical if it says so the label? Let’s find out answer below :

  • Understanding how to mix chemical on label will give advantage for us especially for business. Combining one by one or mix many compounds will renew our knowledge of chemist industry. Each research will give benefit for people and
  • Help to create complete new list of chemical in our workplace.
  • Rising new talented chemist.

Some of us might be asking why it is important to know about label chemicals. Do you know why that chemical label is important which it contain many new or old information on its label? Before trying, we need ask professional or chemist to devide its compound.
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For beginner, trying to mix chemicals sounds nice but need to read label first and don’t just mix those chemicals without any requirement. Using residues chemicals without any environment hazards will be fine and do some recycle of it especially for household or factory products.
The chemical is also among the List of Chemicals Banned Under Stockholm Convention.

Realize it or not, we use chemicals its products we use daily will give injury to plant or animals if we’re not careful. Need to understand about direction for using can you mix chemical if it says so on the label and make information what kind inside it’s products so it could be easy for customer to understand and read warning of what contained inside.

Kind of chemicals which we can mix just like house cleaning products, make up, medicine. Flushing medicine into toilet also not good to cycle water system so that it will going to release to lakes, rivers, and oceans. Not only that, but animals which stay inside water will get effect from medicine itself. But to be noted that small percent of number are found drinking water which is that contain medicine.

Caution for using it was really important so we can’t get injured and make our daily life activity still continues. Just like medicine, there’s also side effect if we’re not to be careful when we mixing it and for example is you will get hard breathing, there’s change skin color when you realize it and also cramps or diarrhea.
Moreover, it also negative Effects Environmental Chemicals Metals Reproductives System.

Mixing cleaning products which it has function but for understanding that there are also cleaning products which we should not never mix and need to make it mark if not that will be dangerous, and they are :

  • Bleach + ammonia (produce toxic gas called chloramine)
  • Baking soda + vinegar (If stored in closed container, vinegar causes baking soda to foam up)
  • Hydrogen peroxide + vinegar (Don’t mix this chemicals to same container. Combine this compounds can make irritate skin, eyes and respiratory system which is it contain potentially)
  • Bleach + Vinegar (This combination will make disinfectant, so it should never be mixed. They compounds, chlorine gas, which has low level and can cause cough, breathing problems, burning and watery eyes)
  • Bleach + Rubbing alcohol (Better ways is mixing bleach and water. This kind of combination can make irritting an toxic )
  • Drainer Cleaner + Drain Cleaner (Need to be careful for mixing this cleaner).

What will be happen if you mix chemicals like above both cleaner mixed together so that will be dangerous. That substance has a react and create chemical reaction that produced chlorine gas, which is that gas is similar that is used in World War One, dangerous isn’t it?
Moreover, this chemical compound is considered Harmful Chemicals That Can Kill You

Even in low level, chlorine gas exposure that is most of them always can get our body irritates and could get cough and breathing problems. That will be happen in low level, and how about in high level ? Exposure of it can cause chest pain, hard to breathe, vormit, pneumonia and fluid in the lungs. In very high levels can cause death and chlorine can be absorbed through the skin, resulting in pain, get inflammation, swelling and blistering. This accident could be reduce and be careful so not get many people hurt. Some research says that do not mix bleach and ammonia and not only that, also do not mix bleach and acids.

Let now see example of near us like in the kitchen. Choose baking soda and vinegar and mix them both will get a reaction but it will not taste good because the mixture can be downright explosive. Why? Baking soda and vinegar react chemically because baking soda is basic compound called sodium bicarbonate and vinegar contained acetid acid.

Do you want to expect an impressive eruption ? So try to mix large amount of baking soda and vinegar in a small container with a narrow opening. That simple chemical reaction can be used to teach student about chemistry and that will be good information about homemade volcano as mix chemical and what happened when baking soda and vinegar combine together.