Oganesson Fun Facts You Must Know

There are many breaks through that continue to surprise what human is capable of. Going to the moon, inventing rocket, swim across the Atlantic are just some of them. Includes make super heavy chemicals inside a laboratory that is impossible to exist naturally. Among the many chemicals in the List Of Chemicals On The Periodic Table the […]

The 4 Classes of Organic Compounds Containing Carbon

Organic compounds are chemical compounds we find in living things. These compounds contain carbon, as well as hydrogen. These two chemical elements link to one another in long chains. In the long chains, carbon is the backbone while hydrogen atoms are connected to the carbon atoms. The ability of atoms to join to one another […]

Household Chemicals to Kill Ants – Simple and Easy Life Hack

Dealing with the question What Household Chemicals Can Kill You goes beyond what can kill human but also apply to plants and animals. Take for example ants. These little guys lining up making a line of the army taking your sweet stuff to the inside part of your house. A line or two seems harmless, however when […]

Chemicals You Would Not Want to Smell Cause It Could Kill You Right Away

Working in the lab, there are some chemicals that have a very distinct smell that you wish you would not want to smell at all. Beside the troublesome odor, there is also danger on inhaling some chemicals that pose life-threatening effects. it is the more reasons that are Why Should Chemicals Never Be Smelt by Putting […]

Can You Mix Chemical If It Says So On The Label?

Many chemicals in the world we know. As beginner in chemical, some chemist try to combine what is the like most. Is that good to try and with that process we understand how safety is that? Before trying chemicals one to another, can you mix chemical if it says so on the label ? Using […]

Learn about The Reasons Why Should Chemicals Be Disposed of Properly

Many chemical items can create hazardous conditions for humans and the environment. Therefore, when people handle, work and dispose of chemicals substance to need to be done carefully. Common people should be a concern on chemicals be disposed of properly. There are numerous steps to make sure proper disposal of home to industrial chemicals. Even though, the chemicals […]

30 Examples of Organic Compounds and Uses

Organic compound is any chemical compound which contain carbon and also hydrogen atoms. Moreover, the form of list of organic chemicals can be gaseous, liquid or solid form. Commonly, there are two types of organic compounds namely natural organic compound and also synthetic organic compound. Here is a list of the examples of organic compounds and […]

10 Interesting Facts about Alkanes – Information and Uses

These are some of the most interesting facts about alkanes you must know. Alkane is the simplest organic molecule which only made of carbon and hydrogen with only single bond between the carbon. Alkanes are the most casual and also least reactive hydrocarbon species which contains only carbons and hydrogen. One of the unique feature […]

16 Benzyl Cyanide Uses in Pharmaceutical Field – Formula – Safety

Benzyl Cyanide or BnCN is the type of organic compound which is made by the reaction of benzyl chloride and sodium cyanide. Benzyl cyanide has the chemical formula C6H5CH2CN. This compound is toxic, colorless (sometimes pale yellow) and oily. Benzyl cyanide is also included in the aromatic liquid compound category. The main use of benzyl cyanide […]