6 Importance of Chemistry in Environment – Uses and Fields

As we know chemistry has been all around us for centuries ago until now. From the food that we consume, the clothes that we wear, the medicine that we see at hospital, and many more. Chemical has an important role on our life. It is the essential thing although we sometimes ignore its presence but chemical will be the supplement of our life. According to Yahoo search; “a chemical is a compound or substance that has been purified or prepared, especially artificially. “Never mix disinfectant with other chemicals.”

The word of chemical comes from late 16th century from French chimique or Modern Latin Chimicus, shymicus, from Medieval Latin alchymicus, from Alchimia. Chemistry is a science which relates with our daily life or the natural symptoms. It is started from our basic necessities such as food and cloth, fuels, medicines, constructions materials, electronic industrial materials, cosmetics or beauty equipment and many more. Which make the chemical different with other science is the specialty to focus on structure, formation, characteristic, materials change, and the energy that changes the materials.

In our life, what we taste, feel and touch are the substances of chemicals. When you cry there is a chemical going on, when you are hungry there is also chemical in it. It is amazing isn’t it? Just by learning the chemical we can find many interesting things that relates with our life.

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Chemical also has important roles in science and knowledge. It can be a foundation to study other sciences, for example; we must understand first the atom substance in chemistry before we study the magnetic field in physics. We can learn biology with understanding the photosynthetic if we don’t understand about the elements that involves in it. Most of us think that chemical only exists in the laboratory, but without their knowing it is exist in our daily life. Most scientists believe that everything in this world is chemical. Below are the usages of chemicals in our daily life and importance of chemistry in environment.

1. Agricultural Fields 

In this field, chemical is used by the farmer or at our garden in a form of pesticide, insecticide and fertilizer. The farmer uses these chemical substances for their plants so they can achieve the best result on the harvest day. We can categorize the pesticides that are used by the farmer, they are;

  • Insecticide; it is kind of pesticide that is used by the farmer to kill insect such as; grasshopper, caterpillar, bugs, etc
  • Fungicide; it is kind of pesticide that is used by the farmer to extirpate and to prevent the growth of fungus
  • Bactericide; it is used by the farmer to extirpate bacteria and viruses on the plants
  • Rodenticide; it is used by the farmer against all rodents animals like rat, mouse, or hamster
  • Herbicide; it is kind of pesticide that is used by the farmer to exterminate all the unwanted plants around the farmer’s plants, such as; bushes, grasses, and weeds

Thus, there are many importance of chemistry in environment for agricultural fields.

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2. Medicine Fields 

Chemical can help the doctors to diagnose many chemical reactions on the patients such as in the digestion process, respiration, excretion, etc.

Chemical also has an essential role in the making and developing the medicines which are made based on research on chemical reactions toward the diseases, this is called pharmacy chemistry.

The pharmacy chemistry is found in many aspects inside the medicine life. We know that the science knowledge is used for studying many cases in the terms of medicine, such as the healthy test sure will use the chemical science, the blood analyzer, the making of the blood dialysis, the making of disinfectant, the making of material synthetic for the replacing of the bones and tooth, and medicines maker.

Chemical analysis at the hospital laboratory uses the chemical substances to check the infection in the blood sample. The HIV viruses can be checked and ensured by using particular chemical substances. They all use the chemical substances or reactions in it. The medical world will always see and use chemical as their number one substance. Thus, there are many importance of chemistry in environment for medical fields.

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3. Industrial Fields 

The chemical has been inside the industrial world for decade, since it is one of the important elements that are in their products which are massively used by people. Almost every product that the factory creates there will always be a chemical reactions, chemical substances or chemical materials in it.

There will always chemical reactions in the factory system that involves with the needs of people, such as the making of cement, paint, and etc. Thus, there are many importance of chemistry in environment for industrial fields.

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4. Archaeology Fields 

The archaeologist has used the chemical reactions to measure the age of fossil using the radioisotope carbon 14. Why they use the chemical is because the chemical is a substance that can clean smoothly and get rid of the dirt from the fossils without damage them. Thus, there are many uses of chemistry in environment for archaeology fields.

5. Geology Fields 

The geology science studies about the research of stones (minerals), the gas mining, and oils. The process to determine what are the minerals elements and the first stage to explore uses the basic of chemical science.

The benefit of chemical science in this field is to help and to understand about the research finding of minerals, stones and natural things in order to search the spot that can be explored later. Thus, there are many importance of chemistry in environment for geology fields.

6. Household Appliances

The chemical reaction exists in our household appliance for example; soaps and detergents clean which contain it. The soap emulsifies grime which means the stains bind to the soap can be lifted by water and also there is chemical substance that can get rid of the bacteria. In the detergents clean, the chemical reactions is functioned as a surfactant which can lowering the surface of the water so it can interact with oils then isolate them and rinse them away.

Sodium chloride is one of the substances from the chemical that can be used in handling many problems at home, for example;

  • The stain on your glass/cup of coffee yesterday night, sometimes it’s annoying when you feel it’s hard to clean it no matter how hard you rub it, still the stains won’t vanish. The tricks are you just mix water and a bit of salt into the glass or cup, wait until 30 minutes, Voila! You just wash it and the stains will vanish. This can be also done for tough dirt or stains.
  • Cleaning vegetables and fruit, the veggies and fruits that you just pick freshly from the garden. The dirt along with them can be clean in a minute, and don’t worry your diet program will be absolutely smooth. You just have to take a bowl of water put inside it a little bit of salt mix it, and put the veggies and the fruits inside the bowl, clean them, rub them, in no time you can consume them hygienically and of course healthy.
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  • Spots in your last year carpet or mat, don’t worry about it, you still can clean them by mixing these two elements. They are salt and baking soda (sodium carbonate). How do you do this trick is simple, you just take an empty perfume bottle or whatever bottle spray that you can find at your home, and then you put inside it an amount of salt and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), mix them, Voila! You are ready to clean you beautiful carpet or mat. Spray them on the dirt spot, wait for an hour or more, scrub them with your brush or you just have to vacuuming them. The spots will be gone in just a sec.
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  • Melting an ice can be a hard job to do since it surely takes your time, with this chemical substance you will able to do it. You just have to spray an amount of salt and pouring some hot water. You will find that the ice is melting right away.

Thus, there are many importance of chemistry in environment for compounding household chemicals.

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Many things in our home that have chemical substance in our home, for example;

  1. The shampoo that we use
  2. The car or motorcycle cleaner
  3. The shoes polish
  4. The soap
  5. The whitening
  6. The detergents
  7. The floor cleaner

Everyday chemical reactions are happening in our life, the fire that comes from the gas stove, the candle, the bus school that delivers you to school with its burning fuels, the lighter, the matches, etc. they are called combustion. It is one of chemical reaction in our life.

However there are many things we can do to help our environment, even chemical comes with many positive side, it comes along also with the negative side also. So what should we do to use the chemical wisely and safe for our environment, here they are;

  1. Read carefully all the information on product labels and use chemicals only as directed.
  2. Be informed consumers, so that we can find safe alternatives for many harmful chemicals that are found in products, and which are better for the environment.
  3. Be familiar with municipal waste and recycling programs so that you can properly dispose of products such as batteries and plastics.

There are many benefits that we can take from chemical. It is one of many important science lessons that must be learned and developed by us. In our environment, it can be the solution to our problems which has been solved or not. We just need to find the chains of the solution through this knowledge.

Many scholars or researchers expand their knowledge through many experiments and theoretical concerning this chemical lesson. Still, it can be explored. However, chemical can also be the best science to find out the past and the future of our history in this world. Last but not least, chemical is one of science that has given us many benefits, if we can use it wisely together with our environment.

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