How Do You Make A Tornado in A Jar Without Vinegar at Home?

You want to create a tornado in a jar with your kids, but you don’t have vinegar at home? Don’t worry because we got your back.

How Do You Make A Tornado in A Jar Without Vinegar

Here we are going to show you how to create a tornado in a jar/ bottle with your kids/ students. So we have 2 kinds of methods that you can try to spend some time with your kids/ students.

Method 1

In this first method, you’ll need :

  1. A transparent jar/ bottle with cap
  2. Water
  3. Dish soap (read also : 16 List of Chemicals for Making Liquid Soap – Compounds – Uses)
  4. Glitter (any color you desire)
  5. Spoon

How Do You Make A Tornado in A Jar Without Vinegar

  1. Pour the water until near full
  2. Pour for about a teaspoon of glitter
  3. Add some drops of dish soap
  4. Mix it well
  5. If there are lots of bubbles after mixing, you can take the bubbles using spoon so it won’t block your sight
  6. Close the jar/ bottle tightly to prevent any leaking
  7. When everything is ready, start to shake the bottle/ jar in a circular motion
  8. It is better if you could shake it vigorously
  9. You’ll see the tornado spinning inside the jar/ bottle

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Method 2

The second method on making a tornado has quite different technique with the first method. In this method you’ll need :

  1. 2 transparent bottle (in the same size and shape)
  2. 1 bottle connector/ vortex (with hole in the middle of it)
  3. Glitter (optional)

How Do You Make A Tornado in A Jar Without Vinegar

  1. Remove the bottle cap
  2. Fill the bottle until near full
  3. Add a teaspoon of glitter
  4. Put the connector on the lid
  5. Attach the other empty bottle to the connector
  6. Put the bottle upside down (the full bottle above the empty bottle)
  7. Shake it in circular motion
  8. You’ll see the tornado spinning while the water running downwards

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So, it is no problem if you don’t have any vinegar to make a tornado in a jar because vinegar is only an optional thing. It is used in the mixture just to lower down the amount of bubbles after you mix the water and the dish soap. So, there are still plenty of ways on how to make a tornado in a jar without using vinegar that you can do.

Hopefully this article can help you who want to do an experiment about tornado with your kids or students but lack of vinegar. Happy trying and see you on the next experimental article

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