12 Cool Experiments to Do at Home with Household Items for Kids

Science has evolved with many inventions around. With the development of science and technology, nowadays people can do their own experiment. Science experiment does not always involve complicated laboratory tools or equipment but instead can use simple tool just like household items. Surely those of experiments are only for the safe ones. It is best not to conduct complicated and risky experiments involving highly reactive, toxic, and hazardous substance.

Cool Experiments to Do at Home with Household Items

Below are some of cool experiments to do at home with household items.

1. Water Bend

Water bending is not a myth. With science, people can bend water using household items with simple procedure. In order to do this experiment, all needed are comb and water tap.

  • Comb your hair for a while to get sufficient electricity reaction from the friction.
  • After that, put the comb on a running water and direct the water using the comb.
  • Another use is by utilizing balloon.
  • Blow a balloon and bring it to running water.
  • The water will be able to bend according to the static of the electricity from either balloon or comb.

By this way, this experiment can prove the magnetic force of items with electrical static in a simple and not costly way.

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2. Power Transferring

There is a theory that when collision occurs, the energy transferred from the bigger thing to the another one. To prove it, people will only need two items.

  • The first is a tennis ball and the second is basketball.
  • Hold the basketball and hold the tennis ball with the other hand on top of the basketball.
  • After that, throw the ball together.
  • Eventually there will be head collision between the already jumping basketball with the tennis ball.

The power from basketball moves to the tennis ball and the ball will bounce with astonishing power and height. It proves that collision provides power transferring.

3. Self-Inflated Balloon

Blowing balloon manually can be very tiring. But there is a way to make it easier and practical. The household items needed for this experiment are balloons, unused carbonated drink water, yeast, and measuring band. 

  • Put water and yeast inside the carbonated bottle.
  • Tie the balloon to the mouth of the bottle using measuring band.
  • The balloon will inflate on its own without our help.
  • Simply take out the measuring band if the balloon inflation is enough.

The science works by producing gas from gas substance that fills out the entire bottle.

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4. Crystal Bubble

A winter fun activity does not exclusive to playing ice war or making snowman only. People can also do experiment to create a beautiful crystal on winter through simple household items.

  • All the items needed are soap, water, straw, and bowl.
  • Make a liquid out of soap and water, do not put too much water.
  • Put straw to the solution and blow through it. Make sure you blow it in a freezing condition.
  • Watch how the bubble crystallize from bottom to top.

Make sure to videotape the process because it happens very fast before the bubble finally burst. 

5. Lava Lamp

Using science, people create their own lava lamp. The materials needed are transparent jar just like jam jar, food coloring, vegetable oil, salt, torch abd glitter if needed.

  • The first is fill the empty jar with water until 3/4 part of the jar.
  • After that, drop the desired food coloring (it can be any color) make sure to drop only 1-3 drips of food coloring.
  • The next is put oil until the jar is almost full. Wait for about 15 minutes then add salt on the solution.
  • After that shine on the jar with torch and inventor will see the lava effect.
  • The oil density causes the solution to rise and create lava effect.

What a cool experiments to do at home with household items!

6. Dominant Eye

It turns out that without us knowing, humans have dominant eye similar to dominant hand. To find it out, simply prepare A4 paper and scissor.

  • Fold the paper horizontally and cut the middle edge of the paper in triangular shape.
  • After that unfolds the paper.
  • Move it upward from the nose until the eyes.
  • Focus your eyes to see object in the front.
  • Your friend will be able to tell which one is your dominant eye through the hole while the one experimented thinks they see it with both eyes.

This optical illusion is created because the shape of the eyes are not flat and can create ‘full’ picture illusion.

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7. Floating Ping Pong

Utilizing physics, there is simple experiment to do with household items which ie totally cool. The items needed are ping pong ball and hairdryer.

  • The first, set the hairdryer to cooling mode.
  • After that, draw a dot on the ping pong ball and place it on the top of the hairdryer.
  • The next is blow the hairdryer.
  • What people will see is ping pong will floating defying the gravity.

8. Self-made Slime

Slime is fun stuff to play around. But now people ca make their own Slime just by using cornflour, food coloring and and water and bowl.

  • Put cornflour to the bowl and put water little by little by keep stirring.
  • This will make a slime dough that people can play safely.
  • The secret is in the stirring that help thr texture of the slime smoother. 

Other cool experiments using household items:

  1. Elephants toothpaste
  2. Tornado in a bottle
  3.  Colorful glass
  4. Mask Illusion

After seeing how simple but cool experiments to do at home with household items, it means science js actually simple and recognizable. Everyone can try to prove the law of science and try it a t home as long as using safe materials. That is all about experiments at home simply using household items.

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