Here’s the Ways on How to Use Soil pH Meter Correctly

What is pH meter?

pH meter is an instrument that is used to determine if an object (which is usually a solution) has a pH level of acids, neutral, or even bases. For an object to be categorized as an acid solution, its pH level has to be between 0-6. And object will be categorized as neutral if it has a pH level of 7 and to be categorized as base solution, its pH level has to be between 8-14.

Besides its usage for water, pH meter can also be used for soil. The usage of pH meter for soil is because that soil serves as a research material.

Using pH meter for soil is also used to determine what kind of plant that can be planted in certain soil and to know how well the soil quality in certain lands. also read: Factors Affecting pH Solution

How to Use Soil pH Meter?

The soil pH meter has a long metal on its bottom part that is used to measure in a certain depth. Soil pH meter is very important to be known. E.g. if there is a large sudden change in pH level of a soil like from pH 7 to pH 4, then there must be immediate handling so that the soil won’t get damaged if its used for farming. also read: pH Meter Laboratory Functions

Here’s the way on how to use soil pH meter.

  1. Give a sign to soil parts which pH level wanted to be measured.
  2. Then, avoid soil that has rocks or paper because it can damage the detector and break the soil pH meter.
  3. If you wanted a more accurate result, prepare 3 to 4 locations around the main location (about 1 to 2 meter) to get the optimum pH level of that tested soil.
  4. Then, plug the tip of the soil pH meter into the soil and hold the top part of the pH meter so that it won’t be falling. Wait for a few moments until the pH meter shows a stable pH level in the digital screen.
  5. Note the pH level result.
  6. If you want to measure another spot, clean the bottom part of the soil pH meter slowly using a cloth. Then, the soil pH meter is ready to be used again. also read: pH Value of Water in Chemistry  

Another usage of the soil pH meter

Besides using it to determine pH level for farming, pH meter is important for a soil located near a volcanic mountain, especially after an eruption that results in lava. Even though it has a high level of minerals caused by the eruption, it is better to not immediately using the soil near the volcanic mountain because it irritates the skin. also read: Different Types of pH Meters

Another example of usage of the soil pH meter is using it in soils near factory waste. Soil pH meter can be used online, which means we can monitor it every time we want to determine the acidity or basicity level of that soil. If there’s a significant change in the pH level, not only the ecosystem that is destroyed, but it can also affect human life, in a bad way. There’s all about soil pH meter, its benefit, and how to use it. Hopefully it’s useful and now you know .