2 Different Types of pH Meters – Types – Uses

There are 2 common types of pH meter which are to measure pH of soil and to measure the pH of water. Not all of those two tools are used in the laboratory. There is a pH meter that can be taken anywhere or called a portable pH meter to facilitate human work in measuring the pH in a place far from civilization or measuring the pH at a certain time.

The different types of pH meters: soil pH meter and pH of water meter is as follows.

1. Soil pH meter

pH meter is used to know the concentration of pH in the soil in a certain depth. Besides that, pH meter of soil also can read the sunlight exposure and the soil moisture of the measured soil. The types of pH meters are explained below:

  • Soil pH meter for fertility KS-05

pH meter KS-05 can help us to measure the pH, moisture concentration and water concentration in the soil. The weakness of this tool is it has an analog model so that calibration needs to be done quite often.

  • pH meter AMAST ETP-111

pH meter AMAST ETP-111 tool is used for measuring pH of the soil on agriculture. This tool has an iron metal with a dome on its end which is used as a pH reader and viewed on the analogs found on the device.

  • pH meter 3-1

pH meter 3-1 is a pH meter that can measure pH, moisture and light levels. How to use soil pH meter is practical enough because it is able to read 3 things that are important enough that the land needed for use by humans such as farming.

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2. Water pH meter

pH meter of water is used to measure pH in water. There are 2 types of pH meters in general which are pH meter bag and pH meter laboratory. Although they have the same function, but both differ slightly on how we read it.

The different types of pH meters:

  • pH meter KL-03

pH meter KL-03 is a pH meter that can be carried anywhere. This type of pH meter can be carried easily and can measure the pH directly on a drink inside the glass.

For example, we can measure the acidity of milk that has been placed at room temperature within 4 days. The sour taste is due to the decomposition of lactose into lactic acid.

  • pH meter pH 105

pH meter pH 105 is a type of pH type that can be used outside the room. This pH meter can measure water on tap water, rain water and springs. This tool can not be used at high temperatures and can not measure a solution which has a high viscosity / thick concentration solution. So this tool is more suitable for measuring water which has a viscosity for about 1 mPa.s.

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  • Laboratory pH meter

Laboratory pH meter can measure pH of water along with its conductivity. Conductivity is the ability of water to conduct electricity with unit called S (siemens). All kinds of water definitely have conductivity, although it is very small amount of conductivity. In theory, aquademin water which is pure water has a value of 0.0054 uS.

If we use the measurement tool for a long time, of course later on the tool will lose it capability to measure well. Therefore, all of these tools require calibration. Calibration aims to improve and maintain the accuracy of the device to detect pH values. Each tool has a different time frame for its calibration period. Also read about Chemical Analysis of Seawater

It all depends on the company that created the tool and also how long it was used. That’s all kinds of pH meters and their functions.