China List Of Toxic Chemicals Prohibited From Import And Export (Harmful Substances)

The world recognizes the International List banned Chemicals and China also have its own list of toxic chemicals that the government prohibited. This restriction also based on the International List Toxic chemicals Severely Restricted Import Export.

There are different toxicity level that world familiar with, they are labels such as banned, prohibited and restricted. Whereas “banned” is the stronger word that “prohibited” label in chemicals.

China List Of Toxic Chemicals Prohibited From Import And Export

Even different country has different views and labels based on their country condition and various aspects. Let’s look more into the China list of chemicals.

1. POSA or Perfluorooctanesulfonic Acid and other Perfluorooctanesulfonate series.

This chemical substance exists in the Chemicals Banned Under TSCA which has a high acidity level. The restriction from the China government demand all companies both foreign or local to register their chemical substance ingredients. Later one the government will verify whether the chemicals fall into the banned, restricted or prohibited chemicals.

POSA and all of its series have a wide range of usage in the industrial applications. Currently, researchers have reported the effects of chronic POSA exposure on lipid metabolism both in human and also aquatic organisms. It has a severe impact on both human and animals reproduction system, degeneration in the liver organ, intestines mechanism.

2. Tetraethylammonium salt(BAYOWET)

This quaternary ammonium consists of four ethyl groups which have some similarity to tetrabutylammonium. However, salt forms tend to have more crystal texture and less lipophilic. Like other prohibited chemicals compound in PRC, this substance also needs to be registered to its hazardous effects.

An extensive study of the toxicology of this substance discovers symptoms such as toxic parenteral doses which includes incoordination, tremors, flaccid prostration, and even can kill animals and also human due to respiratory failure within 10–30 minutes.

3. Dimethyl arsenic acid and also its sodium salt

The high levels of total arsenic (UAS) and dimethyl arsenic acid (UDMA) in this mixture of compound and its related salt in children aged 6-12 years and adolescents ≥ 12 years proven to cause urinary issues. It shows significant contamination of arsenobetaine (UAB).

Moreover, Nonsmokers are even found to have a higher level of both of these compounds in their system.

4. Cyhexatin

This odorless white crystalline powder compound barely contains any smell. Its districts features make it incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. Thins such as gold, platinum, copper and other metallic substance and so on. It is among the many chemicals that receive prohibition in China.

This chemical substance is severely toxic to aquatic organisms, human, and also the environment.  Due to its organotin chemical agent’s toxicity that is full of bioactivity. The organotin activities are build up from a tin with hydrocarbon substituents. Therefore, a chemical such as Cyhexatin leads to various health issues such as eye irritation, skin issues, and other dermatitis problems. 

5. Dibutyltin oxide

HM List Of Chemicals Banned In production noted this substance for prohibited usage in usage, buy, sell, manufacture, export, and import. The registration code itself has to follow strict and detail protocol if it is in China.

It is particularly useful in organic synthesis form for various medical usages such as directing regioselective O-alkylation, and sulfonation reactions for diolsand polyol. Similar to Cyhexatin, this substance also an organotin agent that proven to cause various skin issues.

6. Propylarsonic acid

Oftentimes chemical substance also has synonyms names that companies and government are familiar with or not. In the list of a toxic chemical that falls into prohibition, level does mention states chemical compound and all of its known name.

Propylarsonic acid other names include Propanearsonic acid, n-Propylarsonic acid, Arsonic acid, and also propyl- (9CI). It contains arsenic and metal substance that increase its toxicity to human and also the environment.

7. Fentin hydroxide

Like the other banned, restricted and chemicals compound in PRC, Fentin hydroxide also among the many toxic chemicals under a strict watch from the government. There are layers of reports and law that companies need to follow if they want to use this kind of chemical.

This white crystalline powder and nearly odorless substance are considered classified in Group B2. This chemical is also very dangerous for both human and the ecosystem.

Moreover, it is also a substance among other proven-related Chemicals To Kill Algae In Aquarium. Its toxicity range from mild to severe. As a very alarming type of compound which proven to have signs that lead to a probable human carcinogen, due to its three ethyl groups in the substance itself. 

8. Ethyldichloroarsine

This chemical is an Odeldegradable substance to handle landfills. It has the same effects as sulfur mustard (HD), nitrogen mustard (HN-2), lewisite (L), and phosgene oxime (CX). which are known for its warfare usages.

it effectively clears up landfills but also causes biodegradability contamination on the soil. Studies show hydrolysis and gas-phase advection were the principal for this process.

However, there still limited information available on abiotic or biotic transformation rates due to this chemical. Further studies and also government monitor are required to get the real status of this chemical for any usage.

9. Roxarsone

The organoarsenic substances in poultry production industry which are known for its feed additive effects. It enhances poultry eating habit and gains weight to improve feed efficiency.

It is basically an unhealthy wat to fatten poultry to meet the demand for dairy products production. It has numerous side effects to the animals itself and mild influence on people who consume it.

Toxic chemicals are guaranteed list to be prohibited or banned for manufacturer usage, public usage, sell, and also import and export. While List Of Toxic Chemicals Banned Or Severely Restricted In The PRC. The Chinese government released a very strict export and import regulation that periodically updated. it ensures companies which deal with import and/or export register their chemical usages to the Chemical Registration Centre (CRC). The same thing goes for foreign companies.