8 List of Restricted and Prohibited Firearms in Canada

There are many chemicals circulating in Canada with many purposes. One of them is firearm. Firearm is portable gun in which it acts as weapon whether for defense or offense purpose. The firearm is not supposed for civil use. However, as United States adopts a law that enables civilians to own a gun, many Canadians requested the same law and government has to issue regulation regarding firearm use similar to .

Here is the list of restricted and prohibited firearms in Canada.

  1. Bernadelli B4 Shotgun

Bernadelli B4 Shotgun is an American-Italian firearm build for semi-arm protection. Was once considered a potential shotgun, this firearm has box magazine as the mechanism instead of underbarrel. This helps to create a light but accurate shoot.

It has long body, but not long enough to be an immobile shotgun. Because its frighteningly accurate shoot and somehow too long to be basic civil gun, Canada bans this firearm.

  1. Benelli M1 Super 90 Shotgun

The next banned firearm in Canada is Benelli M1 Super 90 Shotgun. This firearm is among the list of Canada prohibited firearm. It is an Italian shotgun with long, slim body stylized with black color. It has inertia system of developed HK 512 shotgun in 1980.

The first use of Benelli M1 was for army and police use. Super 90 is the earliest type of Benelli M1. Even though it was an official weapon before, its use is not permitted for civilians by Canda government.

  1. American 180 Auto Carbine

Another banned firearm in Canada is American 180 Auto Carbine. It is a 1960s gun that can fire RL 22 cartridge. The design of this firearm uses flat pan magazine. This one is similar to the early firearm used during World War.

Since it is an old build firearm, it does not have much power. However, the mechanism of his firearm has a fatal damaging effect. As a result, even a bulletproof vest is powerless against American 180 Auto Carbine. For this very reason, civilian having a license of this weapon can be very dangerous.

  1. Franchi SPAS 12 Shotgun

A powerful Italian shotgun is the definition of Franchi SPAS 12 Shotgun. The shotgun is from Italian manufacturer Franchi. Originally was a hit in its era on 1979, the production of this firearm stopped in 2000.

However, that does not stop the distribution, especially for illegal smuggling. It is a decent enough firearm that neither too aggressive or too weak. That is why some irresponsible users may make it as a weapon and harm others. Because of this, Canada includes Franchi SPAS on prohibited list. See how List of Chemist Who Has a Solution for Not Succeeding ended up creating gunpowder for firearm.

  1. Hammerli 230 20 Short

There are some Hammerli series firearms that make it to the list of prohibited firearms in Canada, including Hammerli 230 20 Short. This firearm has short body with 22 short calibre. The handle of this firearm is of wooden material that makes it a vintage looking gun.

A rather vintage produced gun, this gun is quite strong and accurate. It was once a West people’ weapon as well as West police uses. However, as the use of it is not appropriate for civilian use, Canada and other countries prohibits this gun. There is also other kinds of weapon that becomes war weapon as such in List of Chemicals Weapon in Syria

  1. High Standard Olympic

This gun with 22 short caliber is among prohibited firearms in Canada. The weapon was a gun for competition with firm grip and slim 22 short calibers. On a firing competition in the past, people often use High Standard Olympic. Therefore, it is actually a rather civilized weapon in the past.

Nonetheless, firing competition now has different standard of firearm that ensure safety of the users and the people around. Apparently government thinks this firearm is too old for civilian use, thus it gets banned by some countries including Canada.

  1. Sako Tri-Ace

Another banned firearm in Canada is Sko Tri-Ace 22 short caliber. This firearm is a discontinued product, yet nonetheless it still been on the list of collectible firearm. As the firearm still pretty effective to shoot any object, it was decided that it is best to keep it out from civil use.

Even though this firearm is classic and a good collection to show, if it is in the hand of those who cannot use it properly, it may expose danger as in Chemicals Used in Nuclear Weapons especially children who may use it to play around. Therefore, Canada includes this firearm in its prohibited list.

  1. Unique VO 79

A French made fiream Unique VO 79 is a target pistol with two magazine firing system. With wood handle and short caliber, this is a classic firearm for individual collection. In other countries, this discontinued Unique pistol is still a firearm that many collectors seek for.

In Canada, it is among the list of prohibited firearm because civilian in Canada is not yet into self-defense law enforcement using personal firearm. There are also other Unique models who make it to the list, preventing them from public use of exhibition.

Why Firearms Are Banned

The reason why some firearms fall into prohibited or restricted list of firearm in Canada is because the country is not yet allowing distribution of firearm within the country. Some also because of import products regulation that prevents civilians to own any handgun.

Another reason is because there were cases where people misuse or children hurt or got hurt from lack of technical knowledge of those firearm just like some  Explosive Chemicals Examples.

Because of those reasons, Canada make a list of prohibited and restricted firearms.