What Household Items Can You Use to Make a Fire? Simple Experiment

Electricity down and you need a light? Easily take a match or a lighter and problem solved. But what if you also run out of matches and your lighter also lack of gas?! What a bad day, but don’t worry we got your back. We are going to show you several methods on how to […]

8 List of Restricted and Prohibited Firearms in Canada

There are many chemicals circulating in Canada with many purposes. One of them is firearm. Firearm is portable gun in which it acts as weapon whether for defense or offense purpose. The firearm is not supposed for civil use. However, as United States adopts a law that enables civilians to own a gun, many Canadians […]

4 Types of Binoculars and Functions in Daily Life

Binoculars are optical devices that are used to help our eyes see objects which are very far. This helps the object to appear clearer. Another name of binoculars is telescope. Based on the principle of its work, there are 4 types of binoculars which are binoculars bias, reflective binoculars, hybrid binoculars (combined bias and reflection) […]

3 Applications of Physical Chemistry in Daily Life

The application of physical chemistry in daily life is the phenomenon whereas the law of physic and chemistry applied in things that happening everyday in our life. Before that, we better know about the physical chemistry itself. Physical Chemistry, Branch of science focusing about connections and changes of materials. Unlike other branches, it manages the standards […]

7 Branches of Physical Chemistry – Fields – Applications – Study

This is the fourth of five Branches of Chemistry, which is physical chemistry. Thus, physical chemistry that focuses on phenomena macroscopic, miscroscopic, atomic, subatomic particles, and chemical processes through the system based on the physics concepts and principles. Meanwhile, there are some sub-branches of physical chemistry that need to be explained. Thus, physical chemistry meant to […]