Uses of Phosphoric Acid in Food Industry – Food Additives

What is Phosphoric acid? Phosphoric acid is an inorganic mineral that has the chemical formula H3PO4. It is considered as weak acid. Phosphoric acid is also known as Orthophosphoric acid or Phosphoric (V) acid. It is colorless and odorless. Liquid phosphoric acid is also known to have a syrupy consistency. A pure phosphoric acid is […]

10 Clear Examples of Acids and Bases in Everyday Life

In our everyday life, we will often find or use chemical compounds. Chemical compounds can be divided into 2 based on its pH level. One of them is acids and the other one is bases. Acids characteristics: It can conduct electrical current It has an acidic taste It has a pH level of less than […]

Buffer Capacity Chemistry Definition and Formula

Here we are going to learn about buffer capacity chemistry definition and formula. The buffer capacity is a quantity in resisting the pH change at the time of addition of an acid or base. The higher the acid concentration of the buffer then the buffer capacity will be higher as well. The buffer capacity can […]

10 Uses of Acetic Acid in Our Daily Life – Types – Substance

In our daily life, we often deal with chemical compounds. Chemical compounds are differentiated by their PH levels, which are acid and alkaline. The characteristic of acid: Delivers electricity Has a sour taste The PH is below 7 Turn the blue litmus paper into red React with metal creates hydrogen Also read: Acid Solution Examples in […]

9 Acid Solution Examples in Daily Life – Substances and Uses

Acid solution is often attached to the dangerous substances that can harm us. Generally, concentrated acids are dangerous and highly corrosive so it must be handled carefully. This is also applied to concentrated bases (alkaline). However, acids and bases are not always dangerous. Acid solution examples, orange juice and vinegar that are acids and baking […]

5 Differences between Acid, Base and Salt – Concept and Reactions

The basic concept of acid, base and salt substances is extremely important in the chemistry study. We know that there are clear difference between acid, base and salt. They possess different chemical and physical properties. These qualities’ differences will lead to the different kind of reaction between acid, base and salt. This article will explain the […]

Acid in Water Reaction – Theories – Formula – Experiment

In chemistry, understanding the basic concept of acid and base is really important. The characteristic of acid and base is vital to know how they would react with other types of matter. By knowing its properties and reaction, we can avoid any possible hazard from acid or base reaction. One of the popular chemical reaction […]