Which Battery Lasts The Longest In A Flashlight?

The flashlight is one of the appliances we need at our home. It is very useful to provide light during a blackout. It is also very common to use this device when we are going to check on something that requires extra light. To make sure that it can function properly, we just need to […]

Which Battery Lasts The Longest for Science Fair Project?

We must have experienced the time when we are looking for our flashlights during a blackout and when we find it, the flashlights do not work. There is also another situation when the clock at our home is not working all of sudden. Both cases are caused by dead batteries. When it happens, the only […]

14 Chemicals Used in Battery Industry – Components

Battery is a portable power source utilized in many electronic tools and device. Battery uses electrochemical cells to produce electricity and powers the device connected to it. There are many types of battery, from AA+ battery to phone battery. Despite coming with different type, batteries are all made of some chemicals inside them. The chemicals […]