This Is What Happen When You Mix Bleach And Urine

It is time of the year to do some serious cleaning! Most people know you can go both ways for doing this, using some natural cleaning or chemicals agents. There are some Harmful Cleaning Chemicals that people need to be aware of.

Some natural cleaning is great for keeping the environment safe. That is why people are looking into some reasons Why Should You Use A Biodegradable Chemicals When Cleaning The Kitchen. Either way, you need those cleaners done. 

Household bleach

You can not do any cleaning without mentioning bleach. The mostly water substance has a very strong odor. The Chemicals In Bleach are great substance to clear things up.

The actual bleach or sodium hypochlorite varies in 5-8% of concentration. You need to be careful while using this substance. It can irritate the eyes and skin especially in closed spaces with no ventilation.  

People also have a tendency to mixed bleach with other cleaning agents to make a double cleaning strength. Oftentimes this does not happen. You can mix it with ammonia, and produce chloramine gas. You can also combine it with vinegar for meeting some acid chemicals and makes chlorine gas.

What Happen When Bleach Meet Urine?

Chlorine gas is also can happen when you are cleaning the toilet with bleach. There is a chance of mixing bleach with urine during that time. This usually happens in the toilet or when you are cleaning your pet’s cages. If you see your pet pee somewhere around the house that they are not supposed to, when you are using bleach to clear it up, chlorine gas is the result.

Urine also has great amount ammonia in them. So when bleach meets urine is like you are mixing it with ammonia. And you know that both chemicals are among the many Two Chemicals That Explode When Mixed Watch Out yourself when this happened.

The nose burning gas can also be formed when you just give the toilet a good scrub and pour more bleach to soak. If other people are not aware of this and release their urine in the toilet then it will begin to foam and realizing some unpleasant smells. The chlorine gases can water your eyes, makes you cough and create a badly running nose. You need to get the same air, asap.

The pungent odor will automatically make us turned away a seek air. Our body resists that deadly experience. The combination of bleach and urine is one of mixture that What Chemicals Not To Mix While Cleaning. You need to stop cleaning and listen to what your body is telling.  

Taking cool drinks also helps the gas effect that you accidentally inhaled.  Although now you know Why You Never Mix Chemicals Together, these two chemicals tent to mix without intention. Moreover, the air pollution caused by chlorine and chloramine gases is not a very severe condition. There is no case of exposure that needs extreme medical help.

So, what should you do to prevent the two chemicals not to meet with each other? Because clearly there will be serious issues because most of the time people are not aware that they mixed the two items together. In general, it is not something people mixed intentionally. 

  1. Do not bleach dirty diapers. It is the same thing as combining bleach with ammonia. You have a washable diaper, great. However, bleaching it without removing the fetus first can create the chlorine gas that can irritate you, and leaving you to wonder what is the problem. 
  2. Let the people in your house aware you are bleaching the toilet, that way if there is anyone pee, they will flush first before doing so. 
  3. After bleaching the pool, it will be bad if someone pee on it. Although the amount of water on the pool can help reduce any smells. However, try to educate people to avoid any of this. 

It is one thing to intentionally mixed something and be caught off guard of a gas form that happened. You would think it is something you eat or drink when it is actually just your body talking.