How Long Would It Take to Die After Drinking Bleach? The Effects and Cautions

There a lot of factors that determined how long for someone to die after taking bleach. Sometimes there are also people who don’t end up in a funeral. Here are the factors that we are going to discuss. Bleach concentration Usually household bleach only contain 3 to 7 percent of Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), one of […]

Danger of Ammonia in Hair Dye (Caution for Your Beauty Product)

Non-Ammonia in hair dye become a must and it is not just a passing trend that will go away anytime soon. Then there is more beauty business that in the progress of developing various in ammonia dying hair because besides Uses Of Ammonia And Compound As Fertilizers In Agriculture it also exists in hair dye. Moreover, […]

20 List of Toxic Chemicals Used in Fracking and Its Effects

Chemical is highly interconnected with our lives. There are many chemicals with various function. One of its function is used for fracking. Unfortunately, some of the chemicals can be toxic just like some in the List of Banned Toxic Chemicals to Avoid. It is because some of the chemicals contain substance that not always suitable […]