Here’s The Chemicals Brain Affected Depression in You

You need to get to know What Chemicals In the Brain Cause Emotions.  Things that make you feel all different kind of emotions such as happy, sad, angry and also affected depression. Let highlight the sad feeling that often times lead to depression and even death. The silent killer in the human emotional core is often misleading […]

12 Chemicals to Enhance Brain Function – Benefits and Effects

Aside from the use in industry, chemicals are also found in the body parts of living being, including human. Human needs the chemical elements in human body in human body to be able to run some functions needed to live. Certain chemical runs certain functions in each of body’s organs. One of body parts that contain chemicals […]

11 Chemicals in the Brain That Can Affect Your Body and Emotions

Many of you might not know that your brain contains so many types of chemicals. These chemicals are definitely different than the types of chemicals that you can find everyday in the environment. Chemicals in brain have their own specific functions, in this case, helps your brain works properly. The lack of these chemicals might […]