This Is What Happens When You Mix Kratom And Miralax! Watch Out!

It is very common for anybody to experience constipation or irregular bowel movement. There are many things that can cause those conditions. For example, lack of water or vegetables and fruits. Our body needs sufficient fiber so if we choose to consume more processed or junk food than the healthy one, our body will not […]

Household Chemicals Used to Make Drugs – The Dangerous Ingredients

The drug dealer is not the only way to get high. There are everyday household chemicals used to make drugs that have the same toxic high effect on people. There is a long List Of Chemicals That Can Get You High. From the harmless chocolate to the household mixture as the drug substitutes. It all can […]

12 Chemicals to Enhance Brain Function – Benefits and Effects

Aside from the use in industry, chemicals are also found in the body parts of living being, including human. Human needs the chemical elements in human body in human body to be able to run some functions needed to live. Certain chemical runs certain functions in each of body’s organs. One of body parts that contain chemicals […]