12 List of Prohibited And Restricted Cosmetic Ingredients In UK

Cosmetic has been around for a while. It is a product where people use it to enhance look without taking under the knife. The purpose of cosmetics varies; from skin lightening, acne care, and make up products. In the modern era, the production of cosmetic does not only revolve around natural source, but also synthesized […]

7 List of Chemicals Weapon in Syria – Dangerous Weapon Attack

The war is currently happening in Syria. It is a common knowledge that peace is no longer exists in. there are many refugees seeking refuge. They even seek help up to European continent. As this war is happening in a more modern way, the weapons they use are not exclusive to physical weapons. Nowadays, they […]

30 List of Chemicals Used to Enhance Athletic Performance

It is a truth unveiled that in athletic performance, some athletes are using booster to improve their performance. The booster consists of chemicals that able to change some mechanism within one’s body. Despite the effects of the chemicals, some athletes still depend on it even though in athletic competition surely such use will be immediately […]