Banned Chemical Spray Used on Food Crops Crossword – Clues – Answers

The Chemicals Banned Under FIFRA or The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act that underline the focus on agricultural chemical spray usage. It also raises questions on chemicals to spray on food crops crossword. Banned Chemical Spray Used on Food Crops Crossword Many farm groups consider spraying as a mild act of killing unwanted weeds or […]

18 List of Banned Chemicals in Kenya – Restricted Substances

Every country in this world has their own regulations when they decide to band chemicals. In addition, many developing countries need these substances to support their agriculture and other industries. It also depends on how the country values their people health and environment apart to their industry. However, in some developing country like Kenya, you […]

8 Prohibited and Restricted List from Japan – Chemical Compounds

Every country has their regulation when it comes to chemical circulation. There are certain chemicals that are allowed for use and others that are not. In Japan, the regulation is no exception. As industry grows more advanced in this country, the use of chemicals in it also grows bigger and wider. The government has to […]

12 List of Chemicals Banned in India – Hazardous Substances

Many sectors involving human activities always need chemical in it. It is unavoidable that the advanced technology and the decline of natural environment force humans to rely on chemical. However, not all chemicals are safe. They always have side effects from minor to major ones. India as one of developing countries also relies on chemical […]

How Many Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals Are Banned in The United States

United States as one of developed countries in the world has their own regulation regarding chemicals. The one in charge of it is EPA or Environmental Protection Agency and FDA or Food and Drugs Administration. The classification of toxic chemical varies from its toxicity and how it affects either environment, human, or both. Moreover, the […]

30 List of Chemicals Used to Enhance Athletic Performance

It is a truth unveiled that in athletic performance, some athletes are using booster to improve their performance. The booster consists of chemicals that able to change some mechanism within one’s body. Despite the effects of the chemicals, some athletes still depend on it even though in athletic competition surely such use will be immediately […]