Banned Chemicals In Sunscreen – Harmful Substances to Your Skin

Sunscreens protect skin from the sun, but the chemicals in sunscreen actually pose more harm than good. All Good Chemicals In Skin Care products intentionally try to preserve the skin. However, anything inorganic is bound to have negatives effects. Sunscreen ingredients are proven to be carcinogens, hormone disruptors, nano-particles, allergens, harsh preservatives, and skin irritants. Here are […]

A-Z Chemicals Banned in Bread – We Consume It Everyday!

When you are ordering your sandwich, taking a loaf of bread from the store shelf you didn’t realize it come with various chemicals banned in bread. If you think the government, FDA, FIFRA or other departments already make sure your food is safe, think again. Even if these agencies release List Banned Chemicals it never stops manufacturer, […]

Banned Chemicals in Food Spray – Harmful Substances We Eat Daily

The demand to look good, taste good influence the need for food spray chemicals to meet the general requirements. Therefore, food producers, supermarkets, stores use any of 14,000 laboratory-made additives to make our food appear fresher, last longer on the shelf and appealing to costumers. The food spray beside looking good also poses Effects Food Additives […]

A-Z List of Banned Chemical Weapons #Deadly

Chemical weapons usage began with World war I along with when List Of Chemicals Used In Warfare the most destructive creations of mankind. History marks the long term of side effects chemical weapons such as the List of Chemicals weapon in Syria or the Chemicals used in Vietnam War. Therefore, many countries make various conventions to discuss the matter. Furthermore, […]

A-Z Harmful Chemicals Banned in Firecrackers – The Substances

Nothing like a little sparkle to lighting up a celebration, throughout the world people have been using firecrackers or crackers as a part of festivities.  This small Explosive Chemicals Example produce a large amount of loud noise and subject to various laws. Although crackers are not illegal, the manufacture, sale, storage, and use of crackers are facing various […]

26 List of Banned Chemicals in Australia – Severely Restricted

Australia is the world sixth biggest country and ranked fifth in the Index of Economic Freedom (2017). As a wealthy country, Australia depends on various income such as mining and manufacturing. These sectors are known for relying on hazardous chemicals on the process. In the mining industry, chemicals are used as flotation reagents, solvent extractants, […]

65 List of Chemicals Banned in California – Significant Exposures

Do you travel around U.S states a lot ? Ever caught by airport security because you accidentally do not knowing list of goods that is banned in the state ? Or you just curious what is forbidden in one state so you can prepare your trip carefully? If so, then you should read this list […]

10 List of Chemicals and Hazardous materials Banned and Restricted in UAE

We usually contact with lots of chemicals compounds in our daily to daily basis, such as ascorbic acid that we can find in tomato, orange, and vegetables, carbonic acid that we can find on our daily consume, which is soft drink, etc. So, actually, chemicals compounds are close enough with our life, but there are […]

27 List of Toxic Chemicals Severely Restricted for Import and Export

The chemicals trading culture between countries in the world are very fast growing due to the economic needs in every country. The action is widely known as chemicals importing and exporting. These actions usually done is a massive scale, making it a very serious bilateral trade. That’s why, because of its scale and process, exporting […]

30 International List of Banned Chemicals – Properties – Risks

Governments in around the world have banned some dangerous chemicals because the danger it poses to our health and also to the environment. Those banned chemicals are dangerous, so knowing them is extremely important because it can help us decide which kind of product we can use or consume. We suggest you to choose a […]