Is Ammonia Harmful To Pets? Know The Harmful Substances

The loving pets that have become like a member of the family. They are more vulnerable to experience the harmful effect of chemicals. There are some Household Chemicals Poisonous To Cats, dogs, any other pets that you have around the house. They are smaller and tent to see a puddle of water as something they can drink […]

18 Dangerous Effects of Lawn Chemicals on Wildlife and Pets

A lawn is a short grass-covered area. This area usually found in private gardens, public landscapes, and parks. The lawn requires high maintenance, the maintenance is for watering, controlling grasses growth, and killing weeds or pest. Lawn chemicals are including pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer. Unlike chemicals that used in agricultural, people don’t think that chemical […]

8 Dangers of Borax on Pets You Should Aware

Industry has become very familiar with the use of chemical. Almost in all section of industry, any kind of chemical be it organic or inorganic is utilized to improve or create certain reaction to the product just like carbon uses in daily life. One of the chemical is borax. Borax is a commercial name of sodium […]