11 Harmful Effects of Kingdom Archaebacteria for Environment

Archaebacteria are a type of single-cell prokaryotes microorganism. It was taken out from bacteria kingdom due to significant differences both genetically and biochemically from modern bacteria. Archaebacteria was named from “archae” that means “ancient”. At the beginning, archaebacteria were thought only living in extreme environments some of which are geysers, oil wells, hot springs, volcanoes, […]

18 Dangerous Effects of Lawn Chemicals on Wildlife and Pets

A lawn is a short grass-covered area. This area usually found in private gardens, public landscapes, and parks. The lawn requires high maintenance, the maintenance is for watering, controlling grasses growth, and killing weeds or pest. Lawn chemicals are including pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer. Unlike chemicals that used in agricultural, people don’t think that chemical […]

8 Harmful Effects of Agricultural Chemicals on Water Quality

Water is a chemical substance that covers about 71% of earth surface. Water molecules contain one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms connected by covalent bonds. Earth and living-beings are highly depend on water, since their body is composed mostly of water, especially groundwater. Groundwater is only 0,61% of the entire world’s water but an important […]

15 Effects of Environmental Chemicals and Metals on Reproductive System

The chemical compound that presents in environmental media such as air, water, soil and even consumer product is called environmental chemicals. The risk of these chemicals enter human body system is very high, studies found that environmental chemicals and their metabolites can even be measured in urine, blood, breast milk and other human body fluids. […]

10 Harmful Effects of Household Chemicals on Plant Growth

Household chemical is the type of chemical that simplifies house general activity. This activity excludes any food-related chemicals like food additives and coloring. The most common household chemicals used exist in list of harmful chemicals in toiletries, laundry stuff, and insect repellent. They usually contain a smaller percentage of active agent but still can cause […]

16 Chemicals Used in Kraft Paper Manufacturing and Its Process

Kraft paper is a roll thick brown paper that usually used for wrapping sandwich. The word kraft was stand by a German word for strength. This type of paper has higher tensile strength with a rough surface and has been manufactured since 1906. Commonly used as a grocery bag, cement packaging, food packaging, base for […]

25 Bad Effects of Agricultural Chemicals on Human Health

Agriculture meaning has narrowed down to plant farming (horticulture), but actually, it also includes the science of livestock breeding, and fungus cultivating. Because of the rapid increase of human population, food demand is also rocketed. Agricultural chemicals or also known as agrochemicals are a product used in agriculture to increase the production by controlling the […]

31 List of Banned Chemicals in Pakistan – Severely Restricted

Chemical substances are widely used in several sectors, most of them are helpful and harmless but not quite a few are high risk. To control the chemicals side effects, Countries have regulation and law regarding of hazardous chemical use. The regulation is grouping chemicals based on various control levels, from restricting use to banning the […]

26 List of Banned Chemicals in Australia – Severely Restricted

Australia is the world sixth biggest country and ranked fifth in the Index of Economic Freedom (2017). As a wealthy country, Australia depends on various income such as mining and manufacturing. These sectors are known for relying on hazardous chemicals on the process. In the mining industry, chemicals are used as flotation reagents, solvent extractants, […]

11 List of Chemicals That Get You High – Dangers – Effects

Humans have unique tendencies where they like to alter their state of mind, whether giving a small spark to reality or altering it completely. This practice has been done for centuries using various kinds of substances and methods. Things commonly we find like alcohol or caffeine to extreme drugs are used to giving us intoxicating […]