What Chemicals Not to Mix While Cleaning? Here’s The Complete Lists!

There is always a moment of tough choices while cleaning, simple but can be frustrating. There are Harmful Cleaning Chemicals that need proper care when using. Often time when one product works, people start thinking maybe if mixing with other good item make it even better.

Then you start to wonder Can You Mix Chemical If It Says So On The Label? The truth is some products, are safer alone, others may not. However, mixing chemicals without proper knowledge if chemistry can be dangerous and deadly.

Often times people would pass out while cleaning and even die due to excessive chemicals that they are using. Combining cleaning chemicals pose the same threads. Here are some combination chemicals not to mix while cleaning.

1. Bleach + ammonia.

Bleach is a great cleanser with various Chemicals In Bleach and ammonia is a great cleaning substance too. They both produce a toxic gas called chloramine which causes various health issues. Moreover, the powerful cleaning matters in each chemical are enough to do deep clean of your house.

People who combine these two chemicals will experience shortness of breath and chest pain. When you are cleaning even with a mask you are bound to inhaling the vapors cleaner. It can lead to severe respiratory damage and throat burns. If ammonia and bleach are mixed with one another then toxic and even explosive liquid hydrazine is the end result.

2. Drain Cleaner + Drain Cleaner.

Even if you know two great drain cleaner, it is among Chemicals Combination We Should Never Mix. These drain cleaners alone are very powerful, if you put them together, you can actually explode them.

It might seem like the only solution when after one type of drain cleaner and nothing happened, you might think to combine it with another brand. Different brands contain different chemicals and not a good idea. Not knowing the ingredients of the two will leave the end result in the dark.

3. Baking Soda + Vinegar

When you mix baking soda and vinegar then you will get water and sodium acetate. You can use Baking soda in the kitchen is one of the Safe Chemicals To Clean Oven and other appliance. It can make them all crystal clear with a very simple, cheap and natural ingredient.

Vinegar does great work as an Acid Solution Example in the Kitchen. Moreover, this substance not only adds taste to your dishes but also give extra shines while cleaning. Moreover, vinegar is the best chemicals to have around in the house and you won’t worry about it poisoning your kids.

However, if you put vinegar and baking soda together and hoping to get a new kind of cleaning agent that’s where it takes a turn. Both of them together will be a waste your time because it doesn’t really do anything at all. Vinegar causes baking soda to foam up and loses its ability to do anything clean. Moreover, if you mix them then put it in a closed container, the mixture probably explode. 

4. Hydrogen peroxide + Vinegar

Both of these compounds are safer choices compared to cleaning products that almost every household have on their shelves. We know them as a natural cleanser that clean your house is greener. There is numerous Hydrogen peroxide Application in daily life, from cleaning, medical, cosmetic and even industrial.

However, the combination of both creates peracetic acid, a very toxic substance that harmful to human after direct contact. it can cause the skin to irritate, eyes impairment, lung issues, nose problem, and respiratory system. Moreover, if you combine the two in a container, it becomes a corrosive acid that makes your appliance corrosives.

5. Bleach + Vinegar

The combination of them seems to be one super powerful cleaning agents ready to improve your kitchen and all of its appliances. However, it is so very untrue, together with them bound and chlorine gas is the result.

The numerous dangerous result of the two mixture in cleaning can cause coughing, the problem in breathing, burning, watery eyes. Moreover, bleach it self is already a powerful and toxic chemical. it is not wise to mix bleach with anything. It is so strong that when you mix it with anything it just dissolve to is mixtures.

6. Bleach + Rubbing Alcohol

This two will put you unconscious due to the fact the create chloroform together. Moreover, it can be very toxic and cause various severe health issues. This includes the nervous system, eyes, lungs, skin, liver, and kidneys damage. Moreover, at a low level, it can cause dizziness and nausea while at very high levels it can lead to a painful death. 

7. Pesticides + Water

It is disgusting when you find pests in your house. There is a creative mind that leads to believe certain pesticides products are too strong and maybe will be better if it comes in the mix with water. However, it actually not, and it might even be more deadly to your family. It creates phosphine gas that can make any pests go away and even other plants or pet that you have at home.

8. Bleach + Lime

When you put chemical cleaning agents such as bleach or better known as sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl). And thinking you need something natural like lime or CaO to be a greener choice, it pose another question.

Combining chemicals means understanding their base, it can enhance them, dissolve them or explode them. if you put CaO and NaOcI a turn it into  Ca(OH)2. It is an alkali weaker than NaOH, which just mean another kind of bleach. The mixture becomes another kind of bleach but less strong.