12 Uses of Carbon Compounds Related to Their Properties

One of the widest compounds in chemistry is carbon. Carbon has many variety of formula which forms different formula of chemical. Aside from that, carbon has contributed to many uses both in industry and domestic life just like Uses of Carbon Dioxide in Soft Drinks.

It depends on the properties each of the chemical has. The properties often related to the formula where the chemical made of. To know more about the use of carbon, we will have to know about their properties as well.

Below is the list of  uses of carbon compounds related to their properties.

  1. Carbon Dioxide – Constituent of Atmosphere and Plants Sustain

The most popular form of carbon is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide has the formula CO2. It consists of one form of carbon and two molecules of oxide. This chemical is essential in the forming of atmosphere as well as the food source of plants.

Opposite to plants, human does not need carbon dioxide but produce it in the process of exhalation. Plants use carbon dioxide for photosynthetic process. However, exceeds of carbon dioxide as greenhouse gas can trigger global warming. As the production of carbon dioxide released to the air is too much, it causes the temperature to raise beyond normal. Therefore, human should utilize any tools that produce carbon dioxide wisely.

  1. Diamond and Graphite – Source of Jewelry Stone

Solid form of long process in the carbon element creates stone that nowadays people consider as precious stone, they are diamond and graphite. The elements of diamond and graphite match of carbon compound. It generates stone as the elements sedimented deep on the crust of the earth.

As a result, it creates a hard version of the carbon that changes shape and color when people process it. Therefore, something precious with great value like diamond and usable like graphite are actually something carbon produces, making it one of the most beneficial compound.

  1. Coal – As Alternative Fuel

Another stuff that carbon created based on its properties is coal. Coal is the altered remain of prehistoric plants or vegetation. The plants turn into carbon and produces coal as time goes by. The primary composition of coal is carbon followed by hydrogen, sulfur, and oxygen also a bit of nitrogen.

The combination makes a perfect composition to burn fuel. This kind of rock comes in a black or very dark brown. When reacted to heat, it will produce fire and heat. Unfortunately, coal is also explosive and many coal miner died in a mine when there is too much air pressure inside the mine, making coal mining a risky job. Otherwise, coal is one of carbon properties that is beneficial to human life.

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  1. Carbon Black – as Tire Strenghtener

Carbon black is a chemical mainly composed by carbon with thick black color. The material usually in the form of liquid or elastic black form. We can see during flat tire repairmen, some black liquid used to strengthen back the tire. The carbon black has elastic material that will help the tire to be more flexible and able to hold pressure from external power. 

The more elastic form usually for the inner tyre while the harder one for the outer tire. Little do people know that the material does not only consists of sapped rubber but also carbon black. This contributes to list of uses of carbon based on its properties.

  1. Sodium Carbonate – Multi Purpose Chemical

A mix of sodium with carbonic acid forms sodium carbonate. Sodium carbonate is a component with various uses in industry. The first and most use of sodium carbonate is as water softener. Sodium carbonate is beneficial to use as water softener in laundry.

It helps to remove the effect of detergent from damaging the clothes. Moreover, it has other benefit as cleaner to remove oil, grease, and stains. Other use of sodium carbonate is as mix in soda lime glass making. There is a type of glass where it appears to have soda bubble inside and that is the one people call as soda lime glass. Sodium carbonate responsible to create that soda-like pattern.

  1. Carbon Fibre – Strong and Reliable Fibre

There are many  uses of carbon compounds related to their properties. Other property of carbon is carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is a strong and reliable fibre consists of carbon material. Industry uses it widely as material in tennis racket, ski equipment, aeroplane as well as in fishing rod. The material of carbon fibre is strong but lightweight.

The weight of carbon fibre is very insignificant. Therefore, it makes carbon fibre a reliable material compared to other material. Usually industry processes carbon fibre in a manner where it provides strong holding with the possible minimum weight. 

  1. Charcoal – Metal Smelting, Fuel, Cleaner

Another form of carbon is charcoal. Charcoal is similar to coal but it comes from burning residue of wood instead of fossil remain. Charcoal mainly formed from carbon and it works by eliminating water from vegetation and animal. The powder form of charcoal is ash.

It is beneficial as metal smelting, black pigment as well as traditional whitener. People in the past used charcoal to make their teeth lighter and nowadays industry also promotes charcoal as effective cleaner. It also works as metalurgical fuel in steam train. Seeing how simple charcoal process is, there are surprisingly many benefits just from this form of carbon.

Other uses of carbon compounds related to its properties.

Here is other  uses of carbon compounds related to their properties:

  • Traditional Fuel
  • Chlorine Balancer
  • Baking Powder
  • Water Cleaner
  • Stain Cleaner

Seeing how effective and beneficial carbon and its properties, people still need to be wise in utilizing it. What first beneficial can turn into something harmful just like Harmful Chemicals That Can Kill You .That is all about uses of carbon compounds and its properties.

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