15 Safe Chemicals to Clean Oven without Harming Your Life

Cleaning tool alone will not do the job of cleansing out the dirt in a dish or cooking utensils well without the help of cleaning chemical. Some of the dirts may be hard to wash or contain bacteria that will not disappear through brushing alone. Especially for cooking tool like oven or microwave. The debris from baking waste may be hard to clean. Thus, we need cleaning chemical to clean oven in order for it to be fully clean.

Below is the list of chemicals commonly used for cleaning oven.

  1. Baking Soda

While harsh chemical can damage the oven material, baking soda is a both safe and reliable cleaner for oven. Not only baking soda is much more easier to find, it also cleans the debris as well as the grease inside the oven. In order to use baking soda, mix water and use scrubber or sponge to clean the oven. Leave it for few minutes and wash them with water. After that, dry the oven.

  1. Lemon

The next safe chemical to clean oven is lemon. Lemon has the ability to get rid of the oil and grease on the oven. Therefore, it is an effective cleaner without using harsh chemical. To clean oven with lemon, pinch out some lemon’s liquid. Add it to the regular cleaner liquid. After that, use sponge or cloth to clean the oven. You can also use soft brush to clean it. Make sure that you do not brush too harshly. Also, do not put much lemon because the acid in it can become corrosive. (Related to Acid in Water Reaction).

  1. Vinegar

Another citrus related chemical that you can use to clean oven is vinegar. Vinegar has the ability to get rid of hard grease and years of dried oil. It belongs to citrus oil with level of acidity enough to melt the caked dirt. To use vinegar, rub some vinegar onto the surface of the oven. Wait for about 30 minutes and scrub the dirt of the oven. If it still not clean enough, mix it with cleaning concentrate. Be careful that too much vinegar can be very toxic as the acidity level may make corrosive effect on the oven or burning sensation on hand.

  1. Hot Water

Hot water turns out to be an alternative safe chemical to clean the oven. The hot water will produce steam that washes away the grease and oil in oven. To do so, boil a bowl of  water inside a container and put it on the oven. Heat for about 30 minutes and let the steam to fulfill the inside of the oven. After that, wipe the steam using clothes and wipe the grease away. This should be effective to clean dirt that forms not too long ago. Also, use light amount of cleaner for grease that are too caked inside the oven.

  1. Ammonia

Small amount of ammonia can support the cleaning process of the oven along with dishwashing cleaner. Ammonia is a chemical that often found in fertilizer. However, it is also useful as part of cleaner. Note that only small amount of ammonia with a hint of cleaner can do. Too much ammonia will damage the oven instead. Still, compared to other cleaning chemicals, ammonia is much safer because it does not contain any corrosive material or other harsh chemical.

Ammonia can work to clen the grease on the outer part of the oven. Use wiper or cloth to clean the surface. Make sure to use water to get rid of the remnant of the ammonia. Ammonia is lso included in Chemicals Used in Artificial Rain.  

  1. Salt

Salt can clean the oven as well. It will help to clean the caked dirts . The chemical in sat is good to get rid of immediate dirt so it will not dry on the oven. Salt has the ability to wipe off the remnant of baking material. Use it to scrub of the dirt using towel or cloth. Make sure that every dirt is cleaned immediately. The salt for cleaning the oven is even better coming from the rough kind of salt. Thus, it can be an alternative as safe chemical rather than using the harsh one.

  1. Dishwashing Soap

Dishwashing soap is milder than original oven cleaner. The chemical in it will not damage the oven nor it will damage our skin. Use the rough part of the sponge to clean the oven using dishwashing soap. Scrub them off and wash them with warm water. It may take more time especially for dried dirt.

But dishwashing soap already has the chemical to get rid of the fat and oil so cleaning the oven using dishwashing soap should be easy. Always use sponge or soft brush instead of just a cloth since dishwashing soap is milder and need a little push to clean the dirt.

  1. Orange Peel

The rough surface of orange peel turns out can help to clean oven safel as well. The citrus in the peel of the orange will help to get rid of the oil and grease safely. In fact, no brush or cloth is needed. All needed is orange peel and some warm water. Scrub the surface of the oven using orange peel and leave them for a while. After that, leave it for few minutes and wash the surface using warm water. Not only the orange peel will clean the oven but it wil also help for it to smell better. 

  1. Charcoal

Another natural way to get rid of grease and dirt in oven is by using charcoal. Charcoal can be ixed with dishwashing soap to clean the oven or microwave. Charcoal has the chemical that able to fight grease and other dried dirt in the oven.

To use charcoal, mix it with dishwashing soap and make sure that it blends ans produce bubble. After that, use the mixed soap to wash the oven using sponge. After that, wash it immediately with cool water. Repeat the process until all dirts are washed away from the oven. Read also Natural Chemicals Used in Daily Life.

Other Chemicals to Clean Oven and Household

Here are more list of safe chemicals to clean oven:

  • Non toxic cleaner
  • Calcium
  • Citrus Oil
  • Saltwater
  • Fat Cleanser
  • Soap mixed with lemon juice
  • Anti bacterial dishwashing soap

Cleaning oven does not need to cost much nor it needs harsh chemical. All needed is for the chemical from natural or safer source and some simple tools. Indeed, there are 15 list of safe chemicals to clean oven.

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